$1.28 billion Mega Millions lottery jackpot ‘breaks’ New York signs

Tonight’s lottery jackpot isn’t just mind-blowing – it’s blasting the lottery signs.

The Mega Millions prize of $1.28 billion is so high that it is causing a problem in electronic store lottery displays that have not been programmed to exceed $999 million in the stores where they sell the tickets.

Stores were forced to boast an undersized jackpot because the signs only have three-digit slots – with the word “millions” printed below adding further confusion, workers and customers said.

“They didn’t expect it to get this high,” said Anthony Williams, a 60-year-old concierge who bought a ticket to the Gardenia Deli in Manhattan. “They didn’t build any [sign] for that.”

An official Mega Millions sign at the deli on 30th Street and 8th Avenue showed $999 million on Friday afternoon after the prize jumped to $1 billion earlier this week.

The same style of display was also in place at the nearby 99 Cent Discount store, where an official said the numbers-centric dilemma hadn’t stopped shoppers from taking tickets.

The Mega Millions jackpot will climb to $1.28 billion on Friday night.
It will be the third highest of all American lotteries.
Friday’s jackpot will be the second highest in the game’s history.

“It’s okay because as soon as the price goes up to 700 or 800 million dollars, they don’t care because it’s already a lot,” said Na Lin, 32, who manages the store in the city. Eighth Avenue near 28th Street. .

For the past two days, the store has been ‘crazy busy’ with ‘long lines’ of people hoping to get rich, in part because the store sold a winning ticket for $100,000 in January 2020, it said. she declared.

“Every day we sell about $7,000 [in tickets],” she said. “The neighbors say it’s a very lucky store to come and play”

Many panels were scheduled to stop at $999 million.
Bodegas struggle to display such a large jackpot on digital screens.

Other incorrect $999 million Mega Millions panels were also spotted in New Jersey, California and Arizona.

The lucky winner of Friday’s draw at 11 p.m. would receive $1.28 billion over 29 years, or a lump sum of $747.2 million, which works out to $457.5 million after tax.

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