2 meteor showers will light up the night sky this weekend

As July draws to a close, skywatchers can expect two meteor showers to occur this weekend, one of which will peak on Friday evening.

The Delta Aquariids meteor shower is expected to peak Friday evening through Saturday morning, while the second, the Alpha Capricornids meteor shower, will peak Saturday and Sunday, according to the American Meteor Society.

Delta Aquariids are best seen from the southern tropics, according to AMS. When looking at the meteor from north of the equator, the radiant – or the apparent point of origin of the meteor’s path – is located lower in the southern sky.

The second meteor shower, Alpha Capricornids, is not very strong, AMS said. However, it can be seen equally well on either side of the equator. During its apogee, the moon will be 5% full.

Meteor showers are caused by streams of cosmic debris called meteoroids entering the Earth’s atmosphere at extremely high speeds on parallel paths. According to AMS, the most popular meteor shower, the Perseidsis expected to peak on August 11-12.

In case you miss the Delta Aquariids shower, don’t worry, there are several more to come. Here is a full list of expected meteor showers in 2022:

August 12: Perseids

October 21: Orionids

November 5: Southern Taurids

November 12: Northern Taurids

Nov. 17: Leonidas

December 14: Geminids

December 22: Ursids

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