80% of NYC gun suspects released after arrest: Eric Adams

More than 80% of gun perpetrators have been released to the streets after being arrested for possession of weapons in New York City this year, Mayor Eric Adams said Wednesday.

“As far as firearms are concerned, this year 2,386 people were arrested with a firearm. Of those, about 1,921 are on the street,” Adams said at a bail reform and recidivism news conference.

“Arrested with a gun, in the street.”

Adams added, “Arrests with a firearm in custody: 19.5%. Out of custody: more than 80%.”

“How do you take a gun law seriously when overwhelming numbers are back on the streets after carrying a gun?” He asked.

Adams also pointed to the number of gun suspects who have been re-arrested — and released.

“This year, 165 people were arrested on a second firearm charge,” he said.

“Of these, 82 – on the street. Not one arrest but two gun arrests – back on the street,” he fumed.

Mayor Eric Adams wondered how anyone could take a gun law seriously if he was released so quickly.
New York Special Narcotics Attorney
This is the highest percentage for years.
Approximately 80% of arrestees with firearms are released onto the streets.
Robert Miller

Adams did not say how many of the defendants were released without bond or how many posted bail to be freed.

All gun possession charges are eligible for bail under New York law, which requires judges to impose the least restrictive conditions necessary to ensure defendants return to court.

In 2019, the year before the state’s controversial bail reform law took effect, “we arrested 80 people for a felony with a firearm who were arrested with a firearm. open fire,” Adams said.

Mayor Eric Adams
Adams has continually challenged state lawmakers on bail reform.
Robert Miller

In 2021, he said, “the number was 259” – more than three times as many.

Adams also said that in 2019, 20 people arrested in shootings were already charged with possession of firearms, but last year the number almost quadrupled, to 77.

Also at Wednesday’s press conference at One Police Plaza, NYPD Chief of Crime Strategies Michael Lipetri said, “We like to talk about credible messengers when working with our social service providers…to convey the message to the crew member regarding the cessation of violence. ”

But Lipetri said “the credible messenger today in New York is the crew member who was arrested with a gun yesterday, who walked out today, who says to this crew, ‘Well, look ‘I can carry a gun in New York.'”

Lipetri said the NYPD is investigating 716 people suspected of carrying out 30% of the approximately 2,400 shootings that have taken place since 2021.

“Of these people, 54% – almost 385 – today have an open crime,” he said.

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