Alex Jones trial verdict update: Infowars host says Sandy Hook shooting was 100% real

Alex Jones’ lawyers accidentally sent his text messages to the prosecution

InfoWars founder and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has finished giving evidence in the libel suit against him for his claims that the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting massacre, which killed 20 children and six adults, was a hoax.

He was arraigned in Austin, Texas, by Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis, the parents of Jesse Lewis, who was six years old when he was killed in the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut. Both testified passionately when on the witness stand, with Ms Lewis able to confront Jones and look him straight in the eye as she talked about her son.

Jones faces potential damages of up to $150 million. The radio host faced uncomfortable cross-examination on Wednesday morning when much of what he testified was refuted by the plaintiff’s attorney and he was asked if he was aware of what was a perjury.

During interrogation, Jones was confronted not only with what he had said about Sandy Hook, but also about the judge and jury in the case. It also emerged that his own attorney had mistakenly shared all of Jones’ phone content with the opposition legal team – this would now be sought by the House Select Committee investigating the events surrounding the 6 January 2021 in Washington, DC, when Jones was in town.

The jury is deliberating.


Report: January 6 Inquiry to Subpoena Alex Jones Texts and Emails Obtained in Sandy Hook Trial

The Jan. 6 committee is preparing to subpoena texts and emails from Alex Jones that were accidentally sent to an attorney for the victims of Sandy Hook, according to a report.

Attorney Mark Bankston revealed that he mistakenly received thousands of private communications from Jones during the Infowars founder’s defamation trial on Wednesday.

Minutes after the stunning revelation, the House committee investigating the attack on the US Capitol began preparing to subpoena the messages, a source said. rolling stone.


Jones’ lawyer mistakenly sent two years of his text messages to opposing counsel

Alex Jones’ attorney accidentally sent two years of his text messages to the lawyer representing the parents of a child killed in the Sandy Hook school shooting, a court has heard.

Mark Bankston, who is representing Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis in their ongoing defamation lawsuit against Jones, made the startling claim during the Infowars founder’s cross-examination on Wednesday.


Watch: Sandy Hook victim’s mother confronts Alex Jones in court

Sandy Hook victim’s mother confronts Alex Jones in court


Jones shakes his head as his Sandy Hook shot is read in court

Right-wing agitator Alex Jones repeatedly shook his head as his lies about the Sandy Hook school massacre were read to a Texas jury on the first day of his libel trial.


ICYMI: Jones berates reporter as ‘hacker’ outside of Sandy Hook trial

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has chastised a reporter outside his defamation trial for spreading false claims that the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting was staged.

“You pretend to be a journalist and you want to look at people like me so you can say you’re the right guy,” the Infowars host said. Huffington Post journalist Sebastian Murdock.


Watch: Sandy Hook victim’s father testifies at Alex Jones trial

Sandy Hook victim’s father testifies at Alex Jones trial


Judge Gamble tells the opposing teams that she requires a member of counsel from each side to be in the building at all times while the jury is deliberating.

The parties do not have to be present.


The jury begins its deliberations

The jury has been excused to begin its deliberations and may continue until 5 p.m. CT (6 p.m. ET).

They will then take an overnight break until 9am CT tomorrow.


Plaintiffs’ attorney Kyle Farrar gives a final rebuttal.

“We still live in the conspiracy world of Alex Jones,” he says, in which the plaintiffs are weaponized, the jury has been handpicked, and the judge is part of the Deep State.

“That’s the spin Jones wants to put on this verdict.”

“They called them [the plaintiffs] liars for 10 years to make money, and they call them here liars to save money,” Mr. Farrar says of Jones’ defense argument to avoid a large financial compensation bill .

Mr Farrar adds that Jones’ apology is worthless because his lawyer has just said his client did nothing wrong.


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