An elderly California store owner shoots an armed robbery suspect who shouts, ‘He shot my arm!’

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An 80-year-old California liquor store owner was filmed opening fire on a would-be robber with a shotgun, prompting the suspect to flee his business shouting ‘he shot me the arm!”

The act of self-defense occurred early Sunday at Norco Market & Liquor in Norco, just east of Los Angeles, after the store owner was confronted by a gunman wielding a rifle.

“In this case, a legally armed member of our community prevented a violent crime and provided for their own safety, while being confronted by multiple armed suspects,” the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office said.

Surveillance footage obtained by Fox11 LA shows the masked suspect pointing a rifle at the store owner moments before the owner reached behind the counter, grabbed a shotgun and fired in the suspect’s direction.


Two of the armed police suspects said they were arrested following the attempted robbery at a liquor store in Norco, California on Sunday July 31.
(Riverside County Sheriff’s Office)

The suspect is then heard shouting “he pulled my arm!” as he ran out of the store and into a getaway vehicle outside.

The 23-year-old shooter – who has not been publicly identified – was later found at a local hospital “suffering from a gunshot wound consistent with a shotgun blast”, according to the county sheriff’s office. of Riverside.

He remains in a critical but stable condition and will be imprisoned upon his release.

The Southern California liquor store where the attempted robbery took place.

The Southern California liquor store where the attempted robbery took place.
(Google Maps)

Police say the other men inside the getaway vehicle, who were also found in hospital, have been identified as Justin Johnson, 22, of Inglewood, Jamar Williams, 27, of Los Angeles and Davon Broadus, 24, of Las Vegas.


The BMW SUV they were traveling in had previously been reported stolen and contained numerous stolen firearms – and now each of these men is facing charges of theft and conspiracy and being held instead of $500,000 bond , added the sheriff’s office.

The 80-year-old store owner, meanwhile, is recovering in a hospital after suffering a heart attack shortly after the attempted robbery, according to Fox11 LA.

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