Astrophysicists ‘solve a fundamental signature of gravity around a black hole’

The emission from M87 has now been resolved into a bright, thin ring (map colored orange), resulting from the infinite sequence of additional images of the emission region, and the more diffuse primary image, produced by the photons that come directly towards the Earth (in blue outlines). When viewed at Event Horizon Telescope imaging resolution, … Read more

NASA’s massive moon rocket heads to the launch pad for a test flight

NASA’s new moon rocket arrived on the launch pad on Wednesday ahead of its first flight in less than two weeks. The 322-foot rocket emerged from its gigantic hangar on Tuesday night, drawing crowds of Kennedy Space Center employees, many of whom weren’t even born when NASA sent astronauts to the moon half a century … Read more

A Texas school district removes and revises dozens of disputed books, including the Bible and an adaptation of Anne Frank

The Keller Independent School District Board of Trustees passed policies last week that set new standards for how books and other learning materials are chosen for schools, including subjecting books to a 30-day public review. days before they are purchased by libraries and removing the disputed material from the shelves. while they are under review. … Read more

Swizz Beatz and Timbaland Sue Triller for $28 million after selling ‘Verzuz’ to a social networking site

Swizz Beatz and Timbaland Sue Triller for  million after selling ‘Verzuz’ to a social networking site

About two years ago, super-producers Swizz Beats and Timbaland presented audiences with a virtual “music catalog” battle that lasted about five hours straight during the height of the COVID quarantine period. This would become the premise and plan for what is now known to the world as the Versuz Battles. The duo sold their idea … Read more

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky announces organizational shakeup, citing COVID mistakes

The head of the country’s top public health agency announced a reshuffle of the organization on Wednesday, saying it had failed to respond to COVID-19 and needed to become more nimble. Planned changes to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — CDC leaders are calling it a “reset” — come amid criticism the agency’s … Read more

Jamie Foxx Releases Music Video For Netflix Vamp Flick Day Shift

Jamie Foxx Releases Music Video For Netflix Vamp Flick Day Shift

Image: netflix It seems that Dave Franco really wants us to know that he enjoys playing characters with musical aspirations (see: the after party). Jhis time around, he put himself on a Jamie Foxx track released for their Netflix Vampire film Day shift, with new music video arrived today. The film centers on Bud (Foxx), … Read more

Liz Cheney shakes up the 2024 forecast

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) is fueling 2024 speculation after she said she was “thinking” about a presidential race following her primary loss Tuesday night. But even as the three-term MP confirmed what she has spent months dodging, she gave no further indication of what that race might look like – beyond a promise to continue … Read more

Shiny fish are full of antifreeze to survive in cold waters

The variegated snail is packed with natural antifreeze proteins at never-before-seen levels that help it survive in sub-freezing waters, new research has found. The the snail, known as the Liparis gibbus, is too distinctive thanks to biofluorescence, which causes it to glow green and red. Study authors David Gruber and John Sparks, both researchers American … Read more