Barack Obama unveils his summer playlist: Kendrick, Beyoncé… Wet leg!

Former President Barack Obama has unveiled another of his summer playlists, and as in the past, it’s a combination of what was expected – NPR-level but edgy rap and R&B, some old soulful chestnuts, a smattering of alt-rock and country, a nod to fellow podcaster Bruce Springsteen, and a few international gems – along with some “woah!” surprises, especially British upstarts Wet Leg. (We could give more examples, but look below.)

Like his past lists and his annual summer playlistsit’s a combination of age-appropriate adventures (but not too adventurous) and family music that uniformly has a positive or socially relevant message – just like the man and the policies of his presidency, which seem so long ago.

He writes: “Each year I’m thrilled to share my summer playlist because I learn about so many new artists from your responses – it’s an example of how music can truly bring us all together. Here’s what I listened to this summer. What songs would you add?”

Beyoncé: “Break My Soul”
Terms: “Vibe Out”
Harry Styles: “Music for a Sushi Restaurant”
The Spinners: “Mighty Love”
Joe Cocker: “I feel good”
Sampa the Great: “Energy” [ft. Nadeem Din-Gabisi]
Rosalie: “Saoko”
Lil Yachty: “Split/All The Time”
Prince: “Let’s be crazy”
Maggie Rogers: ‘This is where I am’
Al Green: “I can’t be next to you”
Dr. John: “More Than You Know”
Miles Davis: “Blue in Green”
Burna Boy: “Last Last”
Doechii: “Persuasive”
Hope Tala: “Cherries” [ft. Aminé]
Aretha Franklin: “Save Me”
Lyle Lovett: ‘Nobody Knows Me’
Bad Bunny & Bomba Stereo: “Ojitos Lindos”
Coffee: “Pull Up”
Bruce Springsteen: “Dancing in the Dark”
Wet Leg: “Angelica”
Rakim: “When IB on Tha Mic”
Drake: “Too good” [ft. Rihanna]
D’Angelo: “Pretty Spanish”
Nina Simone: “Am I moving you? (Version II)”
Dave Brubeck: “Take Five”
Pheelz & Bnxn: “Fineness” [ft. Buju]
Amber Mark: “Bliss”
Jacob Banks: “Found”
Caamp: “Apple Tree Blues”
Otis Redding: “I love you”
Wyclef Jean: “Guantanamera” [ft. Ms. Lauryn Hill]
Jack White: “I’m shaking”
Big John Hamilton: ‘I just want to thank you’
Fatboy Slim: “Praise Yourself”
Dijon: “Several times”
Change: “better” [ft. Shana Tucker and Eric Roberson]
Omar Apollo: “Tamagotchi” Maren Morris: “The furthest thing”
Internet: “under control”
Kendrick Lamar: “Die Hard”
Vince Staples & Mustard: “Magic”
Kacey Musgraves: ‘Keep looking up’

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