Bleeding woman in truck, screaming for help, described as ‘total accident’ by police

South Brunswick police ruled out criminal activity Friday after a witness reported Wednesday seeing a woman bleeding from the face and screaming for help in a tractor-trailer cab on Highway 130.

The case “appears to be a total accident,” said South Brunswick Police Department deputy chief Jim Ryan.

Initial reports from authorities said the truck driver brought the woman back to the cab of the tractor-trailer on Wednesday afternoon. The driver then took Route 130 south before exiting at Ridge Road, police said.

Police found the woman and the truck driver together late Thursday afternoon, officials said. Both agreed to come to the police headquarters. Ryan said police ruled out foul play after speaking to both the driver and the woman.

Ryan said the woman and man were a married couple in their 50s. The man, who was driving the truck, stopped dead when a car merged in front of them, he said.

This caused the woman, who was standing between the taxi and the sleeper, to fall and hit her head against a cup holder. She started bleeding and calling for help, Ryan said.

He added that the husband had stopped on the shoulder of the road. When the husband saw her bleeding, he put her back in the truck and drove her to get medical attention.

“He doesn’t even realize that the witness reporting him is even there,” Ryan said. “He didn’t even know anyone had even seen the interaction between him and his wife.”

Police received reports from across the country after asking the public for help via social media, officials said.

The woman received medical attention and has a bandage on her head, Ryan said. “We have ruled out any criminal activity,” he added.

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