Brian Eno Announces New Album ‘FOREVERANDEVERNOMORE’ and Shares New Song ‘There Were Bells’: Listen

Old master Brian Eno has been working on a number of projects lately: a new documentary, a series of Earth Day benefit songs, the crusade to make sure the world knows NFTs are a scam. . (He’s already proven himself right on the latter.) Today, Eno announces a new album titled FOREVER AND NEVER AGAIN. It will be released this fall, and it will be Eno’s first full studio album in almost six years. Reflection.

Eno actually sings on most of the songs by FOREVER AND NEVER AGAIN; it’s the first time he’s done this in 17 years. Lead single “There Were Bells” is a beautiful, still song, with Eno’s crystal-clear voice rising and falling over waves of synth. Eno wrote the song for a 2021 performance he and his brother Roger gave at the Acropolis in Greece, and Eno was struck by the blistering temperatures. In a press release, Eno has this to say:

I thought, here we are at the cradle of Western civilization, probably witnessing the end of it…

Like everyone else – except, apparently, most of the world’s governments – I thought about our shrunken and precarious future, and this music was born from those thoughts. Perhaps it is more accurate to say that I felt… Music was born from feelings. Those of us who share these sentiments are aware that the world is changing at a lightning-fast rate, and large parts of it are disappearing forever…hence the title of the album.

Below, listen to “There Were Bells” and check out the tracklist for the new album.

01 “Who gives a thought”
02 “We Let Him In”
03 “Icarus Or Blériot”
04 “Star Garden”
05 “Integration”
06 “There Were Bells”
07 “Sherry”
08 “I’m Barely Me”
09 “Those Little Noises”
10 “Creating gardens out of silence”

FOREVER AND NEVER AGAIN was released 10/14 on Verve/UMC.

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