Brooklyn bishop robbed mid-sermon, thieves seize $400,000 worth of jewelry: video

Three robbers were filmed breaking into a Brooklyn church on Sunday where controversial Bishop Lamor Whitehead – an ally of Mayor Adams – was preaching and snatching $400,000 worth of jewelry from him and his wife.

Whitehead, the Rolls-Royce-driving bishop who recently tried to broker a deal to hand over a man accused of a subway murder to the mayor, was preaching at the Leaders of Tomorrow international ministry on Remsen Ave. near Avenue D in Canarsie around 11:00 a.m. Sunday when three masked bandits burst into the church, the pastor and cops confirmed.

When the armed marauders appeared, a stunned Whitehead, who was wearing a clerical collar, burgundy clothes with gold trim and a long gold necklace, stopped his sermon and crouched down saying, “Yo, okay , okay, okay” as he lay on the ground, video obtained by the Daily News broadcasts.

Only his legs and feet can be seen on the recording as he lay on the stage as the men leaned over him and searched his pockets.

The gunmen, who can be seen in the video dressed in black and carrying handguns, removed expensive bling from Whitehead and his wife, police and Bishop said.

Another man seen on the video seated with what appears to be a prayer book stares impassively at the crime unfolding.

The thieves took off in a white Mercedes-Benz and are still wanted, police said.

After they leave, the pastor stands up, his collar askew, and steps out of the frame of the video.

Later, he took to social media to put the crime into context.

“I was born without jewelry, jewelry doesn’t make me,” Whitehead said after the attack in a live video to her 1.3 million Instagram followers.

Whitehead said on the show that the congregation was “traumatized” after the incident.

“I’m never scared, and I’m not here to brag or speak ill of anyone, but you still have these crying women and children,” he said. “He’s not a gangster. It’s a lay-up, like, ‘Oh, I robbed a church.’ You don’t get points for this.

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Whitehead said the theft would not affect his preaching in the future.

“We push, we always do what we have to do,” Whitehead said. “I’m not a suburban person; I’m from Brooklyn, I’m from the city. I understand the streets. This bishop, I am not afraid.

Whitehead made news recently when he tried to orchestrate the surrender of Andrew Abdullah, the man accused of fatally shooting Goldman Sachs researcher Daniel Enriquez on the Q train, to the mayor.

After alerting the media, he showed up at the police station where the suspect was to go wearing a thick gold chain and a Fendi blazer.

The pastor’s expensive taste and flair for the dramatic attracted skeptics within the police department, and cops eventually arrested Abdullah outside his lawyer’s office.

His checkered past has not won him any supporters in law enforcement.

Whitehead served five years in prison for a $2 million identity theft scam. He was released in 2013.

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