BTS J-Hope is the biggest ticket seller in Lollapalooza history

The annual Lollapalooza Festival is underway and there is a lot of excitement surrounding many acts. The Chicago show is a major celebration of music, and this year is highlighted by BTS’s J-Hope. While BTS’s popularity goes without saying, obviously J-Hope has a loyal following as the organizer of Lollapalooza revealed he was the biggest draw the festival has ever had as one of the heads. poster.

In a tweet posted earlier today, a fan said he spoke to a Lollapalooza organizer who said that in the festival’s 31 years of operation, no band has sold as many tickets as J-Hope. . He also said the Sunday lineup is also expected to have the lowest attendance in its history.

Again, this comes as no shock given BTS’s fandom and J-Hope’s foray into a solo career. The artist has just released his first solo album jack in the box, led by single “More” and follow-up “Arson”. BTS’ initial announcement that its members would be exploring solo careers caused a lot of hysteria, but the group made it clear that they weren’t breaking up. J-Hope was the first of the group to release a solo album, and it looks like the rest will follow.

This headliner in Lollapalooza is sure to be a big celebration of his hard work, and who knows? Perhaps the other members will be present.

Check out the tweet sharing the Lollapalooza organizer’s words above.

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