Chat Pile releases absolutely disgusting new noise-rock opus ‘God’s Country’: Stream

The new album that is destined to get all the attention today is Beyoncé’s Renaissance. Great file! A lot of pleasure! But that might not be what you’re looking for. Maybe you are looking for the exact opposite of Renaissance. If this is your bag, then I’m delighted to report that God’s countryOklahoma City quartet Chat Pile’s raw scuzz-rock debut LP is out now worldwide.

Chat Pile has been releasing records since his first EP in 2019 This dungeon land, but they first landed on our radar last year when they teamed up with Portrayal Of Guilt to release a 7″ split. When the representation of guilt does not have the more intense half of a split, then you know the other group really got trapped in their primal beast impulses.

God’s country, the new album from Chat Pile, is fueled by some of the same electric sludge you could hear in 90s noise-rock gods like Jesus Lizard or Chokebore. But where those bands might be acerbic, Chat Pile is sincere. For them, jerky skree is the only way to make sense of a landscape as brutal and anti-human as the one we are facing right now. We’ve already released the first tracks “Slaughterhouse”, “Why” and “Wicked Puppet Dance”, and now you can stream the entire purifying album below.

God’s country is now available on the Flenser.

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