Chico native drowns in American River, known to family and friends as putting others before himself | New

SACRAMENTO COUNTY, CA – Action News Now learns that a man who drowned in the American River over the weekend was a native of Chico.

The victim’s name was Joshua Crane, 30, a 2019 Chico State graduate, according to his LinkedIn account.

Once he left this campus, he went to UC Davis Medical School.

Crane was known to friends and family for helping others and putting their lives before his own.

It was one fourth year UC Davis medical student and Navy veteran.

On Friday, he organized a tube trip for some of his friends at the American River.

But when he noticed two women struggling in the water, Crane’s sister says he jumped in to save them but never came to the surface.

“It’s like that ripple effect when you jump a pebble on water and it’s just ripples, but it’s like that endless ripple because it touched so many lives,” Jessica said. Crane, Joshua’s sister.

Crane’s body was found on Saturday.

The associate dean of students at Crane Medical School says he was very committed to working with underserved groups.

He thinks Crane did it because he grew up in difficult circumstances.

Crane was also known to be a music lover and enjoyed bodybuilding.

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