Darkthrone Post Cryptic Video, Tell Viewers “Put Your Ear To The Ground”

We get it: Norwegian black metal is supposed to be kvlt and mysterious but we’re still scratching our heads about the video Darkthrone just posted on his Instagram.

The video, captioned “in a forest near Oslo…”, includes three sentences: “In a forest outside Oslo”, “Legend of sin” and “Put your ear to the ground”. There’s also a sign for Chaka Khan Studio, which, as Metal Injection points out, is where Darkthrone recorded 2021. Eternal greetings…….

There is also clearly reversed music in the video. There are guitar, bass and drum snippets, plus an acoustic guitar, but it’s unclear where the music came from.

No idea what that might mean for Norwegian innovators of the genre. Metal Injection suggests the idea of ​​a studio performance, which would be extremely special considering that Darkthrone hasn’t played live since April 1996 in Oslo, Norway. Darkthrone have grown in leaps and bounds as artists since 1996 and it would be pretty awesome to see them perform new and old tracks.

It could also be an EP or a special release containing songs that were not selected Eternal greetings……, or Darkthrone might just be back at Chaka Khan Studio to record another album. The Nordic duo – Fenriz and Nocturno Culto – have already released consecutive albums. hate them was released in 2003 and Sardonic Wrath in 2004, more The cult is alive in 2006 and online in 2007, with many gaps of two and three years as well.

Eternal greetings…… was released in its full-skip glory in June 2021 via Peaceville Records. It emphasized longer songs, with five tracks ranging from seven to 10 minutes.

At the time, multi-instrumentalist Nocturno Culto said:

“For us, it has become a bit logical, difficult to explain, but we are preparing for a different way of listening. A three-minute song is nothing we think about right now. We like it that way. For the moment.”

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