DAVE MUSTAINE Wishes The Late MEGADETH Drummer NICK MENZA A Happy 58th Birthday ‘In Heaven’

MEGADETH main man Dave Mustaine took to social media to wish the band’s late drummer a happy birthday, Nick Menza.

Canteenborn in Munich, Germany, where his father, a jazz musician Don Menzahad been serving in the US Army, would have been 58 on Saturday July 23.

Earlier today, Mustaine taken to his Twitter share a photo of pseudo and he included the following message: “Thinking of you today. Happy birthday in heaven, pseudo.”

Back in September 2020, Mustaine said he really wanted Canteen and Marty Friedman To return to MEGADETH over seven and a half years ago.

The opportunity for MEGADETHThe most famous formation to regroup was born following the departure of the guitarist Chris Broderick and drummer Shawn Drover in 2014.

Canteen was approached by Mustaine then bassist David Ellefson replace Driver at the end of that year, and he began working on new material with the band. But the plan fell apart after he was offered a contract he called “very unfair”. A year and a half later, in May 2016, pseudo died of a heart attack while performing with OHM: at The Baked Potato in Studio City, California.

Mustaine Talk about Canteen while promoting his book, “Rust In Peace: The Inside Story Of Megadeth’s Masterpiece”which details the making of the band’s iconic record “Rust in Peace”. In a video interview with strong wire, David says: “The chemistry of pseudo and Martin, don’t get me wrong – it was amazing. And my heart aches when I think about it. And, in fact, that’s why I wrote at the end of the book ‘In Loving Memory’ and not ‘In Memory Of’.

pseudo said shitty things about me at the end, especially to you guys and to Blabbermouthwhere he would mourn over me”, David continued. “And I would think, ‘pseudo, why do you do that? I never did anything to you. I always fight for you.

“When I was reading the stuff he wanted [say about me], I would be so hurt. ‘Cause when we went to the meeting, you see Ellefson tell the story, it wasn’t me who said pseudo was not ready – David says that. I was really disappointed about this; I wanted things to work out with pseudo. And then actually, I even said, ‘You know what? If it doesn’t work out with him in the studio, let’s get somebody else in the studio and play, and then we can have pseudo Play live.’ I bent over backwards to have a place for pseudo. And then he said he wanted this exorbitant sum of money to work for us and to be able to sell all kinds of goods that he had.”

Mustaine added: “Martin has a very successful career in Japan where he earns a lot of money. And that’s the part where I thought it was a little weird, where he said he said he had to pay his entire team while he was away instead of just himself. Because I thought you’d be paid what you earn so it’s changing horses in the middle of the river – it’s okay unless you fall. And then when we found out he wanted to sell his merch, his this, his that, his this, his that, then he wanted that crazy amount of money and he wanted to fly first class everywhere. I said to our management, ‘I can’t handle this.'”

In 2015, Canteen explained to “The sick room” podcast why its back to MEGADETH failed to materialize. He said, “I went over there [to Dave Mustaine‘s studio] and stuffed with [Mustaine and Ellefson]. We played for, like, a weekend — like, three days — and on the third day we were working on new songs. And everything was cool. They were like, ‘You’re back in the band. We will do a press release. And I’m, like, ‘I don’t want to say anything until I have an agreement, a written contract of what’s going to happen.’ And then they sent me this ridiculous proposal saying, ‘You won’t pay anything until the tour starts.’ So basically I was going to work for nothing, make the record. Which I was still kind of ready to bend in that direction anyway. But I’m like, ‘You know what?! I’m not going to bust or sell myself short with something that’s going to be huge. They must realize its longevity. And then they sort of came back to me the same way. So everything was silly. I didn’t even have the opportunity to negotiate anything with them. They just postponed it and said, “That’s it.” And I couldn’t reach anyone. »

Mustaine has already talked about his attempt to bring together MEGADETHit is “Rust in Peace” line-up during a 2016 interview with the “Eddie Trunk Podcast”. Thinking back to his December 2014 jam with Ellefson and Canteen, David said: “We started playing, and we did ‘Hook’. And we didn’t finish the first chorus, and the song was messed up, so we stopped. We started again, it went wrong, we stopped. We started again, it went wrong, we stopped. I put down my guitar and walked out of the studio. ‘Cause I didn’t mean anything mean pseudo. And David Ellefson came up to me and he said, ‘Man, this is way worse than I thought.’

He continued: “I had spoken to Chris Adler [then-LAMB OF GOD drummer] about him playing on the new MEGADETH registration. ‘Cause I said, even if we do a reunion tour with these guys [Menza and Friedman], when we make a new album, we wanted to have someone who was just a monster on the drums; we wanted [Chris Adler] to play [on it]. And when we did the rehearsal [with Menza] it didn’t work, it was like, ‘Man, I’m worried.’ So we were at [January 2015] NAMM show, and we [Mustaine, Ellefson, Friedman and Menza] met there. And the guy running us at the time said something at dinner. We all had a group dinner with this guy. And he said something that really pissed me off Martin really bad. And it was so obvious it wasn’t meant to be. It’s like trying to rearrange the lounge chairs on the Titanic; the boat sinks [and] it makes no sense to do so.”

Mustaine added: “I think it’s better for the fans to stick with this wonderful memory of the four of us playing together and the music we made rather than trying to do something that obviously has a lot history and a lot of scars and a lot of tension and stuff like that. Because if you remember how it all ended, Martin had a nervous breakdown and wanted to play more J-Pop. And when we did ‘Risk’, he said we had to go even further than this record was. And I said, ‘No.’ We needed to go back to our roots. And pseudo injured his arm, so his playing ability was put to the test. Now do I still like these guys? Yes of course. They are my friends and brothers of the former group. Now, do we all get along? Well, you know, what day is it?

Ask if pseudojust wasn’t up to snuff during his rehearsal with Mustaine and Ellefson, David say it “Eddie Trunk Podcast”: “Do not mistake yourself. pseudo is a good player, but ‘Hook’ is simple throughout, and the beats blend [when we tried rehearsing it with him]. Plus he said I made him nervous and he didn’t feel well and this and that and the other. And it just wasn’t meant for me. I think that pseudo has the talent and ability to play whatever he wants, and if he forms a band it will be great. But that wasn’t happening. Maybe it was just that day. But that wasn’t happening.”

Mustaine also confirmed that MEGADETH did not hold rehearsals with Friedman when trying to meet “Rust in Peace” line up.

Martin sent out emails saying, “Oh, man, you know, fans have this self-inflated importance of ‘Rust in Peace’ beyond what it really is. And I was like, ‘Huh?'” David said. “So I didn’t know if it was a setback in the face of the fans or not, but he basically said that if we were going to do anything, it had to be better than ‘Rust in Peace’. And he sent me links to songs that he thought should be the direction we were going, and one of them was this J-Pop band with a Japanese girl singing, and I was , like, ‘Uh-uh. It will not work. More power for [Marty for being into that stuff]. Do what you want, Martin. He’s a great guitarist. But I’m not going to sing like a Japanese girl.”

Canteenthe official autobiography of, “Megalife: The Autobiography of Nick Menza” by J. Marshall Craigwas released in December 2018 via Post Hill Press.

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