Diddy and Mase are absent. Their beef started out on publishing rights, but now it’s big-time. Mase recorded a diss track on Diddy and continued to blame Diddy for technical difficulties during his Lovers & Friends set.

It seems Diddy’s mother is fed up with Mase speaking ill of her son. On Saturday, Diddy was recording an Instagram Live video when his mother interrupted him and voiced her opinion of the rapper.

In the video that has since circulated on social media, Diddy is paying tribute to several artists, including Mase. “Shout out to LOX, Ma$e, Biggie, Busta,” he began, only to be distracted by a comment made by his mother off-camera. He addressed her: “I’m talking about everybody that’s on the… my mom said, ‘Ma$e? clear that his mother is chatting off camera. Diddy then tilts the camera towards her, and she says, “Don’t mess with my son.” Diddy is clearly amused.

The Diddy-Mase beef began in 2020, when Mase accused Diddy of shady business practices that cheated him out of money. He wrote on Instagram, “@diddy I heard your #Grammy talk about how you are now for the artist and how the artist needs to take back control. So I’ll be the first to take this initiative. Also, before asking other ethnicities to do us good, we should do ourselves better as black people. Especially the creators. I heard you loud and clear when you said that you were now for l artist and to that my response is that if you want to see change, you can make a change today by starting with yourself.”

It seems that, despite Diddy’s words, the beef isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.