Fivio Foreign has come a long way since releasing “Big Drip”. Even when he was new to the game, many thought he wouldn’t have longevity. However, he has proven a lot of people wrong since then, especially after aligning himself with Kanye West.

Lisa Lake/Getty Images

Prior to his breakout moment, the rapper actually signed a deal with Mase. For a while it wasn’t necessarily a topic he talked about in interviews, but he did talk about the deal in a new interview with Gillie Da King and Wallo on A million dollar game. Fivio explained that he practically signed the deal without a lawyer present, largely because he felt pressure from a friend who introduced him to Mase.

“The nigga that brought me to him, he was like, ‘Yo, man. Just sign that shit you buggin’.’ I’m like, ‘yeah, read it.’ He said, “Okay, sign it. It’s good, ‘so I signed it,’ he explained. “The advance was $5,000.”

Wallo was surprised by the advance but Fivio reminded him how much money it meant to him at the time. “I thought this shit was gonna last until it lasts. This shit ain’t gonna last two weeks,” he said.

Unfortunately, it looks like Fivio is stuck in his contract as he revealed he was still signed to Mase. “Mase knows the business. He really knows the business a lot. I didn’t know anything,” he added, explaining that Mase was trying to “fake explain” how the money was divided. Mase also allegedly persuaded Fivio to sign the contract by stating that he would get him a verse from G Herbo, which never happened on rapper Mase’s watch.

“I’m in a better place now. He gets what he gets, like, everything he gets, but I control all my money and stuff like that,” he explained.

Watch the full interview below.