Former IN FLAMES guitarist JESPER STRÖMBLAD has ‘decided once and for all’ to deal with his alcohol addiction

THE HALO EFFECTthe new project featuring five former members of the Swedish metal band IN FIREJesper Strömblad (guitar), Daniel Svensson (drums), Pierre Iwers (low), by Nicolas Engel (guitar) and Mikael Stanne (voice) — will release his first album, “Days of the Lost”August 12 via Nuclear explosion.

THE HALO EFFECT was officially launched last year, more than a decade after electric blade leave IN FIRE in order to continue receiving treatment for his alcohol addiction.

Earlier today, THE HALO EFFECT released the following statement via social media: “A positive note to our friends in the industry, the media and of course our fans:

“As each day brings us closer to both the release of our debut album and as we have now played our very first gig as a band, we thought it would be appropriate to address in more detail a few recurring questions that we continue to receive.

“The creation of THE HALO EFFECT happened very naturally. From day one, it’s been just five friends, with a long history together who enjoy each other’s company and respect each other musically, come together to create art and music. IT’S SO SIMPLE. And to this day it still is. The love and respect we have for each other is boundless and collectively as THE HALO EFFECT the intention is to create the best music possible.

“It’s also no secret that over the years our beloved band member jesper had his fight. We don’t wish to hide it from anyone and we certainly don’t intend to hide it. jesperHer love for performing and creating music is immeasurable, as is her love for the fans. He was never completely comfortable doing interviews and, in all honesty, that’s probably not going to change now. He prefers to communicate with fans through his music and face to face when he has the chance to meet them. jesper continues to grow stronger every day and with everyone’s support it will continue. As a group we understand, respect and support side by side jesper on his journey. This may mean that he may not be the most assessable of the band members when it comes to interviews, sometimes this may mean that he won’t be able to perform on every show, but rest assured that jesper will join as many as he can.”

Said jesper: “I have struggled with drug addiction and other demons for many years, so when we formed THE HALO EFFECT I have decided once and for all to fix these problems. It’s a daily struggle for me that will take time and it’s something I understand I’ll have to deal with every day but I have the help I need in place and I have band mates amazing and understanding and it’s a fight I’m now winning. Thanks guys for believing in me. Without music, there would be nothing! It means the world has your support!”

Asked in a recent interview with the Australian “Scars and Guitars” podcast how jesperhealth is these days, Nicholas He has his demons to fight against. We are with him in this fight. We support him, and it’s all about love. He’s in the band, and he’s a member of the band, but it’s day to day, I think – but mostly way better than he has been… It’s total support and love. And he’s in a better place today than he was, as I mentioned. He will be on stage [with] we, as much as he can do, feel strong about it. No pressure from us. It must do him good.”

As to how THE HALO EFFECT will manage future tour activities if jesper is unable to drive, Nicholas said: “Yes, we have some ideas behind this. It’s nothing I can talk about here and now. We’re solving this. But the main goal is to have jesper on board as much as he can and feel strong about it. And then if he can’t make it somehow, we support him and we’re with him every step of the way. And we will find solutions to that because we are… It’s a collective of friends. It’s just a Gothenburg death metal scene, and we’re among friends here, like it was in the 90s, early 90s. And we’ll work things out in a positive way.”

After leaving IN FIRE, electric blade form RESISTANCE with hoop frame (singing, THE HAUNTED) and Glenn Ljungstrom (guitar, ex-IN FIRE). electric blade announced his departure from this band in March 2016, along with the band’s bassist, Rob Hakemostating in an interview that jesper “checked in” RESISTANCE resigning and explaining that the guitarist is “an alcoholic” and a “drug addict” who “does not want [get] sober.” Rob added: “[Jesper] think two weeks [sober] it’s good, and then he can drink it. And then he’s gone for a month, then he’s back and he ain’t drinking [for a short while]. It’s a sad thing, and we really tried to help it and wanted the best [for him]. So when he told us “I’m leaving the band”, we were relieved. We were really relieved.”

THE HALO EFFECT made its live debut on June 11 at Swedish rock festival in Solvesborg, Sweden. Fan-filmed video of the performance can be seen below.

your obstacle was seated IN FIRE‘ has been touring for three and a half years but has never officially confirmed his departure from the band. your obstacleis the replacement for IN FIRE‘ shows since then has been old MEGADETH and current ACT OF CHALLENGE guitarist Chris Broderick.

THE HALO EFFECTThe very first tour will be the opening act for the Swedish death metal giants AMON AMARTH and American steelworkers MACHINE HEAD on 31 dates across Europe in the summer and fall of 2022.

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