Jan. 6 committee and federal investigators have requested Alex Jones’ phone records, Sandy Hook attorney says

“I am being requested by various federal agencies and law enforcement to provide (the records),” Mark Bankston, the plaintiffs’ attorney, told Judge Maya Guerra Gamble. “Absent a decision from you that you cannot do this…I intend to do so immediately after this hearing.”

“I believe that there is absolutely nothing, nothing, that Mr. Reynal has done to fulfill his obligations to protect his client and prevent me from doing so,” he said, referring to the Jones’ lawyer, Andino Reynal.

“The January 6 committee asked me to turn over the documents,” Bankston added later.

Bankston declined to tell CNN which other investigators outside of the House committee have expressed interest in obtaining Jones’ text recordings.

Bankston revealed in court on Wednesday that Reynal’s company, in an apparent accident, sent him two years of cellphone records that included all of the text messages sent by Jones.
Jones was a central player on January 6. He was at the rally before the riot although he did not storm the Capitol. The Infowars founder testified virtually before the Jan. 6 committee earlier this year, but said he repeatedly asserted his Fifth Amendment right to remain silent during the interview.

The judge hearing the case advised Reynal to take some time while awaiting a verdict to seek a legal argument to prevent Bankston from disclosing information to the January 6 committee and others.

Later Thursday, the jury hearing the case determined that Jones will have to pay the parents of a Sandy Hook elementary school mass shooting victim more than $4 million for defamation and emotional suffering.

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