Jermaine Dupri has come to the defense of DVSN after their new single, “If I Get Caught”, started receiving backlash on social media. The song, which features a snippet of JAY-Z’s 2001 hit “Song Cry,” sees the Canadian R&B duo sing about infidelity.

“People I see with something bad to say on ‘If I Get Caught’ I’m sure they’ve never listened to blues,” Dupri tweeted. “And if you’ve never listened to the blues. so you’re musically blind in my book and can’t see what we’ve done.

Jermaine Dupri
Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Fans on Twitter complained that the song’s lyrics were toxic and yearned for music from artists “who just want to be in love”, like an user Put the. Even Jay-Z acknowledged the lyrics’ toxicity when he deleted the sample, telling DVSN in a text message exchange shared on social media that he wanted to be recorded thinking “the song is fake.”

“I didn’t think you could do a more toxic song than Song Cry. I am corrected,” Hov wrote. “I just want a disclaimer that says I said that song was fake! Haaaaa And you’re good!

On “Song Cry”, Jay-Z raps “I was just fucking these girls, I was gonna be right back.”

Check out Dupri’s recent tweet below, along with DVSN’s new song, “If I Get Caught.”