Jiyoon (ex-Weeekly) Joins Twitter, Reportedly Says She Was Kicked Out Of Group By IST Entertainment – Asian Junkie

Back in June STI Entertainment announcement this member Jiyoon leave Weekly. Even at the time, it was a little odd in terms of wording, as the company didn’t say they chose to leave the band, instead citing their two anxiety breaks as the reason for their decide that she should leave.

The reason it comes back is that Jiyoon recently opened a personal Twitter account and has been live streaming since, talking about his current situation and plan, but also the circumstances of his departure from Weekekly and his surroundings. the company.

Since she asked fans not to save/replicate the video, it’s hard to find, but it was a public release so obviously it’s to be expected to come out. The content of what she said mostly survived and understandably angered Weekekly fans, as every Translation/summary of the live points out that the IST essentially kicked her out of the group when she was struggling with mental health issues.

Although this is second hand information, I mean none of this is surprising at present, both the authoritarian environment with companies unilaterally expelling members for any inconvenience, and the fact that they only pay lip service to the sanity they need for public appearances without giving a damn if they think it’s impacting their bottom line.

But still, it was a weirdly ill-considered decision on IST’s part, as Weeekly is a growing band and even though Jiyoon’s hiatus was worrisome, I didn’t really see it as having much of an impact on the fandom. or the group, and people seemed more than satisfied. just wait. Obviously, we don’t know what kind of mess was happening behind closed doors, but IST certainly doesn’t come out looking great.

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