JOHN CORABI took a job as a truck driver years after leaving MÖTLEY CRÜE

Ancient MOTLEY CRUE leader John Corabiwho joined the band in 1992 replacing the original singer Vince Neil, shot down the perception that he was financially ready to live after leaving the band. “It’s one of the things that everyone assumes, because I did the HETEROCLITY thing, that I was a multi-millionaire”, John said Logical Logistics in a new interview (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET). “And it was funny – I made money when I joined HETEROCLITY; I had bonuses and publications and all these advancements and everything. But at the same time I joined HETEROCLITY in 1992 and I left the band in 1997, and during those five years my son was diagnosed with diabetes, my mother had been diagnosed with cancer. So luckily/unfortunately, I ended up taking care of them financially. And then there’s the normal shit – you have to pay your taxes. I remember, fuck, there were two tax checks that I wrote. My first was $139,000, then the next year I had to spend $219,000 on taxes. Like, wow. So by the time the five years were up, I was living on that money and beyond, but it was starting to get dangerously low. The music industry was changing; a lot of 80s bands didn’t sell any records. So it was a weird time.”

boat also talked about his brief stint driving a truck for a living a few years after he got out of the FLOOD and during his tenure as rhythm guitarist for FLYING.

“The whole reason I did it… I mean, I wasn’t in dire financial straits,” he explained. “FLYING took a sabbatical year. At that time, I think I was paying child support and alimony—I was paying $2,500 a month—but I was going through a second divorce, and it was this kind of back and forth where the girl would come back, and she would disappear, and then she would come back. And I’m, like, oh my God. I just needed and wanted a little change. So I was, like, ‘Okay. I can get a trucking license in three weeks. And I’m going to learn how to do that.

“I was telling a friend of mine not too long ago. I said you know what’s weird. I’ve spent most of my life traveling on a tour bus, but you travel usually at night and you see shit on a tour bus,” Jean continues. “And I couldn’t believe some of the places I’ve seen driving this truck and just moving stuff around the United States. I’m, like, wow. There are parts of the United States…I literally did my whole life and there were things that I had never seen before until I started driving a truck. And I had a blast. I did it for almost a year. And then FLYING called and said, ‘Hey, we’re getting ready to go on tour again.’ And I called my boss and I just said, ‘Hey, man. I’m going back on tour. And it was funny. Because a lot of people didn’t know who I was, or they didn’t know my story. When I told my boss about it, I said, ‘Hey, I’m going to start filming again’, he said, ‘What are you talking about?’ And I said, ‘Well, I’m actually a musician.’ And I told him who I was and all that. And I just gave him the keys back and said, ‘Thank you. I had a good time. It was awesome. I’m going on tour. So I did it for almost a year. It was cool. Mentally, it cleared my head, because I was driving and thinking and mapping things out in my head. And then I made a really decent living, and I had health insurance for me and my son. That was cool, man. I had a good time. It was awesome.”

With boat singing, MOTLEY CRUE released a critically acclaimed full-length CD, which ended up being a commercial failure following grunge despite a Top 10 spot on the album chart. When Neil returned home in 1997, boat was left to its own devices and formed UNION with Bruce Kulick.

Last month, boat published his autobiography via Rare bird books. Title “Horseshoe and Hand Grenades”it was written with the help of MOTLEY CRUE historian/author Paul Miles.

In February 2018, boat released a live album of his performance of MOTLEY CRUEThe entire 1994 self-titled album, recorded October 27, 2015 in Nashville, Tennessee. “Live ’94: One Night in Nashville” documents the entire album with the bonus track “10,000 Miles”which was originally released as a bonus track on the Japanese version of the “Quaternary” EP.

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