Jon Stewart hits back at Ted Cruz’s ‘bullshit’ apology for opposing PACT law

After days of lobbying Republican senators on Capitol Hill and the airwaves of Newsmax and Fox News, Jon Stewart shows no signs of letting up in the fight to pass the Honoring Our PACT Act, which would give additional health benefits to veterans who were exposed to toxic burning outbreaks overseas.

And even though he may not have The daily show platform plus, he has a YouTube channel associated with his Apple TV+ series, which he used Friday afternoon to respond directly to Senator Ted Cruz’s latest apology.

Cruz was at an airport earlier in the day when a TMZ correspondent cornered him asking about Stewart’s crusade. “He’s actually pretty funny,” the Republican said of Stewart before claiming to support the PACT Act, even though he voted against it. With a Diet Dr. Pepper in hand, Cruz went on to accuse Democrats of playing a “fiscal trick” by taking “discretionary” spending and shifting it to “mandatory.”

In response, Stewart called Cruz’s comments “inaccurate, not true bullshit” before systematically explaining why his argument makes no sense. “Now, I’m not a big-city, Harvard-educated lawyer,” he says, “but I can read. These are still mandatory expenditures, so the government cannot simply cut their funding at any time. No gimmick, no gimmick, I’ve been there the whole fucking time.

“That’s bullshit,” Stewart reiterated, calling on Cruz to vote for the bill in June before joining a large bloc of Republicans who switched sides even though the bill’s text remained exactly the same.

The comedian and activist closed his message with the juxtaposition of Cruz “praising to heaven the fighting men and women of our nation” and a clip of him “punching his Senate colleagues after cutting benefits and health care of those same veterans for toxic injuries. ”

“Damn it,” he concluded.

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