Kevin Gates’ recent press release made headlines, admitting he continued sleeping with his cousin after finding out they were linked to his revelation about women with acne.

Sergi Alexander/Getty Images

This week, the rapper sat down with Akademiks for an in-depth interview where he shared details about his album, mental health, and more. He revealed that he and the late FBG Duck had a close relationship until his death. “Man, I met this nigga when I first got out of jail. He came alone to my video shoot. A real street nigga, man,” he said. “That nigga kissed me. That nigga called his mama, man, [and she said], ‘If you’re tired of eating at the hotel, baby, we’ll cook for you. Wassup?’ Mama Duck, I love you to death. You are one of them, a member of a gang.

However, the most shocking revelation is that he and Lil Durk are related. “You know what’s crazy? And I don’t even tell people – you know me and Durk is related? And he loves me,” Gates said. Muslim, I am a Muslim. His Muslim father too. Brother in law. Even when he said, he said, “Even what happened to my son,” he said, “I don’t choose violence. I’m going to be bigger.” ‘”

Although Durk and FBG Duck’s issues have been well documented over the years, Gates said he never felt the need to choose sides.

“Now, as far as what they have to do, it’s not for me to talk about. I’m not going to talk about it, because it’s none of my business,” he said. added.

Check out the full clip below.