Kushner says he was treated for thyroid cancer while in the White House

“This was a personal issue and not for public consumption,” he wrote. “Except for Ivanka, Avi, Cassidy and Mulvaney, I have not told anyone in the White House, including the President,” he wrote, referring to his wife, Ivanka Trump; two of his assistants; and Mick Mulvaney, then White House chief of staff.

A person close to Mr Mulvaney, after learning the book’s reference to him, said he did not recall being told of Mr Kushner’s condition.

Mr. Kushner was an assistant to the president and had a title, senior adviser, which only hinted at his ever-present role in his father-in-law’s White House. Still, some veterans of previous administrations have said that because Mr. Kushner was not an elected official, he had no obligation to release the information.

David Axelrod, President Barack Obama’s chief White House strategist, said that from his perspective, “if it didn’t affect his performance, it was a personal matter and he had no obligation to do so. disclose. Unlike any business entanglement or investment that could create conflicts of interest, this was a personal and medical matter.

In the excerpt, Kushner described focusing on work and trying “not to think about the upcoming surgery or the unwanted growth in my body. When I thought about it, I was reminded that it was in the hands of God and the doctors, and that everything that was happening was out of my control.At times, I found myself wondering if I would need further treatment.

Mr. Trump has never been known for his discretion over other people’s secrets. But although Mr. Kushner did not inform Mr. Trump of his diagnosis, he found out anyway, although he did not appear to have shared it.

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