Lady Gaga appeared to be protected from a thrown object by an invisible shield on stage

Lady Gaga is a mystical being who over the years seems to possess an invisible force field that blocks many things, such as Gucci House Oscars, Heidi Montag be able to secure a career in the music industry and have to chat with Caitlyn Jenner at their local Starby. This week though, it looks like she had a veritable invisible shield built on stage during her Chromatica Ball show in Dusseldorf. The show’s video went viral after it showed an object a fan threw at the stage at “mother monster” bouncing back rapidly as it approached, much like Madonna probably would if she was about to walk into a room where born like this was playing.

BuzzFeed reported that fans were eagerly awaiting the delayed tour, and in addition to the usual excitement surrounding her intricate choreography, singing, set design and costumes, Gaga now has some people puzzled as to how she was able to block. seamlessly a stolen object.

[Lady Gaga] returned to the stage this week for her long-delayed Chromatica Ball. The show looks amazing and is getting rave reviews. And she goes viral after a fan throws something at her on stage, and she throws it back with a seemingly invisible force field??!!?!!

A Twitter user captured the moment and it has already received over 4 million views. Here is the excerpt:

Responses ranged from fear to feeling. Some also put on their tinfoil conspiracy hats and mentioned witchcraft and the Illuminati.

This video shows that in 2014, she had the attitude of “leave these gifts rain on me“, but now she must be running out of space in her mansions for stuffed monsters and fan art, and this sorcery was the solution to not having to find a place to hide stuff or get punched in the mouth by a heart-shaped balloon while you’re trying to sing a song that you gotta pretend wasn’t tainted R.Kelly.

First and foremost, if Gaga doesn’t want to share tech with anyone else, she should at least provide one to her new dog walker so that when her Frenchies need to shit, no one has to. worry about it. But it could have so many practical everyday uses for us average humans! I don’t wanna look like an asshole pushing the “close the doors” on the elevator, but I don’t want either “100 persons” to continue with you? Boom. Drag this invisible shield to push them back. Nick Cannon trying to approach you to proselytize on impregnation and consensual non-monogamy? Goodbye, bitch! Talk to the invisible shield.

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