Louis Tomlinson didn’t like One Direction’s debut album

When it comes to pop music, everyone is critical – just ask former One Direction member Louis Tomlinson.

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Louis recently appeared in an episode of Smallzy’s surgery podcast — and when the conversation turned to his former band, he didn’t hold back his opinions on how 1D got started.

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At one point, Louis found himself reflecting on the fact that the day the podcast was recorded too marked the 12th anniversary of the founding of One Direction.

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“Twelve years ago today the band formed, but the first album was shit anyway,” Louis said. Ouch!

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The album he’s talking about, in case you didn’t know, is One Direction’s 2011 debut album. up all night — which included the hit song “What Makes You Beautiful.”

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However, Louis’ reviews didn’t stop at One Direction’s early music. He was also candid about how his own solo career has gone so far.

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“There’s always pressure, obviously, for me to deliver a good record,” he said, possibly referring to his 2020 solo debut. Walls, while also citing the challenges that come with “trying to find my feet when stepping out of a band as big as One Direction.”

Of course, Louis isn’t the first 1D member to criticize the band’s work. Way, way In 2015, Zayn Malik said One Direction’s music was “generic as shit” in his first interview after leaving the band.

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Given recent evidence that Louis and Zayn have ended their long feud, it’s possible they also have something new to tie up now.

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Listen to the full interview here.

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