Luke ‘Skywalker’ Lucyszyn and Bryan Young identified as two Americans killed in Ukraine

The two Americans killed in an intense battle with Russian forces in Ukraine have been identified, as further details of the ‘ambush’ are revealed.

Luke “Skywalker” Lucyszyn and Bryan Young were among a group of American, Canadian and Swedish citizens killed July 18 in a surprise attack by a Russian tank in the eastern region of Donetsk.

The Ukrainian commander in charge of the squad of foreign fighters, Ruslan Miroshnichenko, confirmed the identity of the Americans as well as that of the Canadian Emile-Antoine Roy-Sirois and the Swede Edvard Selander Patrignani. The three were killed when the Russian tank fired at the special operations force, Miroshnichenko told Politico.

The group had been deployed in the village of Hryhorivka, two miles northeast of Siversk, where they were trying to halt the Russian advance by clearing a ravine where its forces were trying to cross.

“They did it successfully. But at the end of the mission, they were ambushed by Russian tanks,” Miroshnichenko said.

According to social media posts by other foreign fighters, the group was preparing a defensive assault against enemy infantry when the attack began. They refused to leave each other when they were injured and died together.

“The first shell injured Luke. Three guys, Edward, Emile and Bryan, they immediately tried to help Luke, do first aid and get him out of there. Then the second shell killed them all,” Miroshnichenko said.

According to a report obtained by Politico, as the group worked, they “came under heavy mortar fire from enemy artillery of 120mm caliber or greater and cluster munitions.”

The victims were “all fierce warriors with big hearts”.

In a Facebook post, Corey Heffernan, who said he fought alongside the men in Ukraine, wrote, “My brothers have served many successful missions and proven their bravery countless times.”

Heffernan’s message also appears to confirm the events leading up to the deaths: “Luke was seriously injured by artillery and lost consciousness. His brothers who were close to Luke’s position refused to retreat and encouraged each other in the face of imminent danger and charged forward to aid their brother. According to Heffernan, “Bryan was our best gunner, ruthless and fearless.”

An Instagram post by a Swedish foreign fighter said that Luke Lucyszyn “always had something comedic to add in every situation. We used to constantly imitate and satirize famous people and dialects and we We often raised in laughter and noise. He was our expert in weapons and was a better soldier than many others. He was a real man who took care of his comrades. I will never forget him.

Ten days before his death as he prepared to head east, Bryan Young posted on Facebook, “I often wonder why I’m here. Well, it’s been my job since 1988. I’ve sworn to protect the free world.

Russia is now devoting much of its attention to its invasion of Ukraine in the eastern region of Donetsk with the area already occupied by armed forces, but southern Ukraine is also a priority, said last week. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

The State Department confirmed the deaths of two Americans but did not provide names.

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