Ma$e talks JAY-Z’s 1997 “Imaginary Player” Diss

While many were eager to tune into Ma$e’s A million dollar game interview to find out more about the sleazy $5,000 deal he struck with Fivio Foreign, the podcast episode is loaded with other interesting moments – including one in which the Florida native finally addressed the rumors according to which JAY-Z dissed him on a track almost two and a half decades ago.

On “Imaginary Player” in 1997, Hov rapped, “These ain’t Rolex diamonds, what did you do for that?” which Ma$e (and others) perceived as a line aimed at the former Bad Boy.

The following year, he responded with “What we hear is platinum, platinum this / platinum whips, nobody got platinum hits” on his “Love Me” verse, though now he admits he was a bit “out of pocket” at the time.

“I think I said something on a record and people kind of said it to Hov, when I was just trying to be the best,” Ma$e told Gillie da Kid and Wallo during their conversation.

“Because me, Hov and Busta all dropped on the same day. And after my joint was sold, I was just talking crazy all over the place, so maybe I lost my pocket. I was 19, 20 , I feel it !”

The interview also revealed that Ma$e remembered being at the start of the downtrend thanks to inspiration he found in a custom piece for Biggie Smalls made by Jacob The Jeweler.

“Jacob had made a watch for Big where there were diamonds in the middle and I said to Jacob, ‘Yo Jacob, I want to do diamonds all over the watch,” the 46-year-old recalled. “Once I got the Rolex, I was like, ‘Yo, this is crazy. When he said, “These are Rolex diamonds,” they were still real diamonds; they just weren’t made.”

Ma$ea then confirmed: “[JAY-Z] was talking about me because at that time I don’t think anyone had seen anyone become so flamboyant with the Rollie.”

Elsewhere in the chat, the “Feel So Good” artist discussed his beef with Cam’ron, admitting he felt really hurt by the situation — read more about that here and check out Ma’s full appearance. $e on A million dollar game below.


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