Massive 1,200-foot-wide asteroid is coming for Earth, NASA warns

A massive 1,200-foot-wide asteroid, which was recently discovered, is hurtling towards Earth at very high speeds, according to NASA. The asteroid is expected to make its closest approach tomorrow. Know the danger.

Last week, Earth had two close encounters with large asteroids. The first asteroid was 400 feet wide while the second was 600 feet wide. However, now an asteroid is heading towards our planet making them look like tiny pebbles. Making its closest approach tomorrow, August 3, this asteroid is a gigantic space rock 1,200 feet wide that is hurtling towards Earth at an extremely high speed. For reference, this asteroid is as wide as three Statue of Liberty monuments combined. It can be an extremely scary scenario if it hits Earth. At its size, it will cause continental-level impact damage and shock waves and tectonic surges will impact the entire planet with earthquakes and tsunamis. So read on to find out if this asteroid will hit our planet or if Earth will be lucky for a third time in a row.

According to NASA’s Center for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEOS) database, the 1,200-foot or 365-meter-wide asteroid has been named 2022 OE02. The 2022 in its name is an indication that this asteroid was observed this year for the first time. In fact, the asteroid was observed only a few weeks ago. This creates a lot of unpredictability because there is not enough space rock data.

A gigantic asteroid will approach Earth tomorrow

CNEOS also revealed that the asteroid is moving at a speed of 1,15,872 kilometers per hour. At this time, the asteroid is expected to approach 6.1 million kilometers from Earth. It may seem like a long distance, but in astronomical terms, it won’t take long for the asteroid to cover the distance, if a deviation from its trajectory has taken place. However, according to current predictions, the asteroid is not likely to hit Earth and a safe passage is expected.

To protect Earth from such future threats, NASA is conducting a DART mission, which will give it the ability to send rockets to nudge an incoming asteroid slightly and alter its trajectory to protect the planet.

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