MICHAEL SCHENKER: How I want to be remembered

On Sunday July 31, the legendary German guitarist Michael Schenker was interviewed by TotalRockit is Dawn Osborne to this year Steelhouse festivals in Wales. You can now watch the chat below.

We asked him how he would like to be remembered, Schenker said, “I am a spirit on a mission to spread the joy of music from a place of pure self-expression. This is how I want to be remembered.”

Saying that he doesn’t “look back at all”, Michael explained that he doesn’t even listen to his music – “only what I need to learn, if I want to perform it live on stage.

“The past is over. I don’t need to relive it,” he said. “I like the present. I like the now.”

Schenker added that he doesn’t know where his attitude to live in the present comes from. “But in a way it feels natural to me,” he said. “I understand that the concept of tomorrow isn’t here yet and I don’t know if I’ll be alive tomorrow. And yesterday is gone – it’s done – so there’s only one spot left.

“I am not a standard” Michael continued. “Everyone experiments with new ideas at different times. We all have a different background, so there’s no right or wrong. And there’s no particular time when we have to have achievements. They come when they come – for each person at different times for different reasons.”

There are few rock guitarists on this planet who have had such a lasting influence on as many renowned musicians as Schenker. With his remarkably fluid style, his inexhaustible wealth of ideas and his instinctive sense of hooks and melodies, Schenker is a living legend who, despite his long and distinguished history, still impresses with his tireless energy and drive. The blond shoemaker from Sarstedt, Germany, began his international career in the early 1970s with the SCORPIOrose to worldwide fame after joining a British rock band UFO then smoothly continued his outstanding worldwide success under his own name, as well as with acts such as MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP, ROCK TEMPLE and MICHAEL SCHENKER FESTIVAL. Schenker and his career, which spans more than 50 years, are absolute exceptions in the otherwise short-lived music industry.

Michael Schenker first appeared on SCORPIO1972 album “Lone Raven”acclaim in the 1970s on the classic UFO albums like “Phenomenon” and “Curfew” before joining SCORPIO for the years 1979 “Love Drive”. He left soon after to launch MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP. And although his sometimes erratic behavior derailed part of his career, Schenker remains one of the most influential henchmen in hard rock and metal.

“Universal”the new studio album by Schenkerit is MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUPwas released in May via Atomic fire records.

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