New Jersey councilwoman refuses to resign over video showing alleged hit-and-run accident with cyclist

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Shocking video shows the times a New Jersey councilwoman allegedly ran over a bicyclist as she speeded through an intersection and continued in an apparent hit-and-run accident.

Jersey Councilwoman Amy DeGise is accused of failing to slow down or stop her car after it hit the cyclist at the intersection of Forrest Street and Martin Luther King Drive last week.

Traffic camera video released by city officials on Tuesday afternoon shows the black SUV allegedly driven by DeGise hitting a man on a bicycle in the middle of the intersection on July 19 without ever slowing down before leaving the scene.

The man, wearing a helmet, backpack, yellow shirt and denim shorts, rolled over and slid off the windshield and onto the pavement after impact. The video shows him slowly getting up afterwards, his mutilated bicycle lying across the street.


Jersey City Councilor Amy DeGise has so far turned down calls to resign after a hit-and-run accident with 29-year-old cyclist Andrew Black.
(Jersey City Mayor’s Office Document)

The cyclist, identified as Andrew Black, 29, told police he had the green light and the right of way, reported, citing an accident report. In an interview with, Black reiterated that he had the right of way and said he suffered severe bruising and anxiety while crossing the street after the incident.

WNBC reported that officials later said Black was wrong and didn’t have the green light, but DeGise still faces growing calls to quit as she still left the scene of the crash. .

“[That] someone of prestige would fall so low that they ignore the law they are asking to uphold, and try to clean up our streets or whatever they call it, they can’t even do it themselves -even – it really upsets me,” Black told HudPost on Tuesday.

Despite the criticism, a spokesperson for DeGise told media on Friday that the adviser would not step down.

“Councillor DeGise was overwhelmingly elected just months ago and she has no intention of backing down from her commitment to serve the people of Jersey City. She will not resign. and plans to complete his term and continue in public service,” DeGise spokesman Phil Swibinski said in a statement obtained by

Jersey City Councilwoman At Large Amy DeGise seen in the official photo.

Jersey City Councilwoman At Large Amy DeGise seen in the official photo.
(Jersey town)

“Amy acknowledges the calls that have been made for more information and transparency,” Swibinski said. “She would very much like to address this situation further, but there is a legal process that must take place first and she will not be making any further public comment at this time.”

The statement added, “As she has said previously, she is grateful that no one was seriously injured and she fully intends to speak out further when the legal process is complete. She will continue to work hard to serve. the people who elected her, just as she has since her inauguration in January.”

In an interview with NJ Spotlight News on Monday, Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop criticized DeGise’s decision to leave the scene of the crash, calling it a “huge mistake.”

Fulop added, however, that DeGise took some responsibility for the incident.

The general counselor is said to have claimed that she hit her head during the accident and went to the police station several hours later to report the incident after leaving the scene.


Fox News Digital reached out to Amy DeGise and her aides Thursday for additional comment, but did not hear back Sunday.

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