OG Ron C joins Kid Capri in calling out Wiz Khalifa: “ENUFF IS ENUFF”

Shortly after Kid Capri, 55, let it be known that he was unimpressed with Wiz Khalifa’s rebuke of a DJ duo at a Los Angeles nightclub, OG Ron C followed suit, letting his followers know he thinks it’s time to “cancel [Wiz’s] ass.”

In case you missed it, following the arrival of his new Multiverse album last Friday, the father-of-one hit town and was extremely unhappy with the lack of musical selections airing from his latest release. “Bitch ass nigga, if you wanna fight, nigga we can do it,” the 34-year-old can be heard saying in a viral clip of the incident.

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“All niggas suck, don’t hug me, bitch. You all horrible DJs. I came here tonight to promote for y’all and have a good time and have a good time, but you know what am I not going to do?”

Khalifa’s rant continued, “I’m not gonna sit here and let these fuckin’ niggas act like this shit is okay. I’m a real asshole nigga, man. My album just came out today. My album just dropped today, play my new shit dawg.”

Kid Capri was quick to inform the “See You Again” artist that he would have punched him if he had been in these DJ’s shoes, and now OG Ron C has shared an Instagram post on his feed reading, ” Houston concert promoters, don’t bring Wiz Khalifa.”

“All the DJs stop playing his music, could have been you or me. Cancel his azz @djjackfrost.” In the caption, Ron added, “TOGETHER WE ARE HELD #djsunited.”

As HipHopDx note, although Khalifa was mostly criticized, Bootleg Kev came out in his defense saying, “I was there with him, and the DJ and the host [were] TERRIBLE. After screwing up his performance (4-5x), he finally cracked. I don’t tolerate him tipping his hat or anything like that, and I know he regrets it. But so many things have led to this point.”

When a social media user pointed it out to OG Ron C, he seemed uninterested. “MANY RESPECT TO GREAT @bootlegkev BUT ENUFF IS ENUFF,” read his response.

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