Perseverance rover spots first Mars launch mission

In addition to collecting the first samples from an ancient river delta on the Red Planet, the robotic explorer has spotted flat areas around Jezero Crater that could serve as a landing site for the Mars sample return campaign. This ambitious initiative, a joint venture between NASA and the European Space Agency, will rely on … Read more

Spaghettified at 22 million miles per hour

This animation depicts a star undergoing spaghettification as it is sucked into a supermassive black hole during a “tidal disturbance event”. In a new study, carried out with the help of ESO’s Very Large Telescope and ESO’s New Technology Telescope, a team of astronomers has discovered that when a black hole devours a star, it … Read more

Newsmax host Greg Kelly says Trump may have just ‘did up the end’ of Jan. 6 witness

Greg Kelly, the most Trumpiest host of the ardently MAGA Newsmax cable channel, has dismissed the blockbuster revelation that former President Donald Trump tried to call a witness to appear before the House committee on Jan. 6. According to Kelly on Tuesday night, it was much ado about nothing because the ex-president probably just “called” … Read more

The Pantera ‘Reunion’ tour will take place in 2023

The Pantera ‘Reunion’ tour will take place in 2023

Pantera is set to head off on a “reunion” tour in 2023, according to Billboard. It would be the first time the metal legends have performed under the Pantera name since 2001. It is not yet known who will replace the late guitarist Dimebag Darrell or his brother, drummer Vinnie Paul, however, Dennis Arfa and … Read more

The January 6 panel will turn over the evidence on the fake voters to the Department of Justice.

WASHINGTON — The Justice Department has asked the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol for evidence it has amassed on the scheme by former President Donald J. Trump and his associates. allies to present fake pro-Trump voter lists in battleground states. won by Joseph R. Biden Jr. in 2020. Representative Bennie … Read more

Joe Perry promises “surprises” with his upcoming solo exhibitions

Joe Perry promises “surprises” with his upcoming solo exhibitions

For Joe Perry, a 2022 track was supposed to put him back on stage with Aerosmith for the first time in over two years. That all changed when the band announced that Steven Tyler would be heading to rehab, forcing them to reschedule their Las Vegas residency from June to September. The guitar legend suddenly … Read more