Rick Astley Says His ’80s Hit Should Be President

By James Brizuela | Posted

Rick Asley

If you’ve lived in a cave far from civilization for the past five years or so, you may never have been “Rickrolled”. This internet phenomenon caught on almost immediately and saw people prank each other with videos that immediately jumped to Rick Astley’s hit ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’. You could watch a video of a dog doing a funny trick, and it jumps to the song that’s playing. This 1980s behemoth hit No. 1 on the charts upon release and has been a mainstay in the internet world for even longer. Now Astley wants his song to become President of the United States. You can see his announcement below:

Rick Astley recently celebrated the 35th anniversary of “Never Gonna Give You Up”. Now he claims that since he is 35, he should be president. This is the minimum age that US residents must be to enter the Oval Office. We’re not sure the song has what it takes to win the presidency, but if the internet held the voting power, the song would be a shoo-in. If you’ve never heard of this magnum opus, you can bask in its glory below:

In 2017, Rick Astley spoke to CNN because a friend of his sent him a video of a “Rickroll.” Astley didn’t understand what was going on and didn’t find the video funny. However, it never occurred to him that his song was becoming one of the most popular ways to prank someone online. Five years later, it’s still one of the best ways to prank someone. The Internet may have slowed down on the “Rickroll”, but it sometimes comes back into our lives.

In addition to his internet sensational song, Rick Astley is always in high demand. He just completed a North American arena tour that included 56 arenas. It was to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the album Whenever You Need Somebody, which features “Never Gonna Give You Up”. He was joined on this tour by New Kids on the Block, Salt-N-Peppa and En Vogue. If you happened to have grown up in the 1980s and early 1990s, this would be great programming.

Rick Astley may have been annoyed that his song was used to prank people, but it seems the man has now experienced more levity when it comes to “Rickroll”. At least he’s pretty humorous when he says his song should be president. It’s so popular it could get a ton of votes. People also fielded random party candidates during the presidential campaign, so “Never Gonna Give You Up” could see good numbers two years from now.

Rick Astley is one of those 1980s artists who probably never thought his song would achieve the fame it has. The same can be said for the resurgence of Kate Bush because of Stranger Things. Now Astley is reaping the benefits of the younger generation taking over his work. Sure, it might be to prank someone, but money is money at the end of the day.

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