Rocker Dee Snider attacks Kari Lake as ‘fascist moron’ on Twisted Sister Song

Twisted Sister singer Dee Snider should be thrilled to find out someone is still interested in his band’s work, but instead the rocker attacked Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake, calling him a “fascist moron” after a pro-Lake Twitter account shared the lyrics. to his 1984 song, “We’re Not Gonna Take It”.

Snider responded to a Twitter account describing itself as Lake’s official campaign account, saying the song is a pro-abortion anthem that specifically rallies around a woman’s right to kill her unborn child.

“HEY IDIOTS! READ 1ST LINE: “We have the right to CHOOSE!” This is a PRO-CHOICE anthem to you or co-opt. It was NEVER intended for you Fascist morons! Snider s exclaimed on Sunday.

“As a songwriter and singer, I denounce all [Kari Lake] REPRESENTED ! Write your own fucking song! he added.

“The subtext of your song is very clear to us, [Dee Snider]. We have the right to choose to vote for [Kari Lake]”, Lake campaign account wrote in response to the Twisted Sister singer.

After being asked if he would file a copyright lawsuit in response to Lake’s campaign allegedly playing the song at his rallies, Snider said, “I explained it to many times. You don’t need to get permission to play a song at an event. Like a baseball game.

“And I won’t try to arrest anyone (unless they’re using it without permission for commercial purposes – that’s different) that I don’t agree with. I’m going to report them” , added the singer.

“While I abhor what this ignoramus [Kari Lake] stands for and what she laments (yes, Hillary Clinton was right) that she stands for, I CANNOT legally or morally stop her from using or singing my song,” Snider said in another tweet.

“I wrote it for everyone… the cherry picker who uses it is censorship,” he added.

Last year, Snider announced he didn’t want unvaccinated fans at his concerts, proclaiming “fuck you”, adding that the possibility of making him sick with the Chinese coronavirus represents “an invasion of my private life”.

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