San Pedro Park shooting: Suspects searched after 2 dead, 6 injured in Peck Park shooting

ST. PIERRE, LOS ANGELES (KABC) — The search for suspects continued on Monday after two people were killed and six others injured in a shooting at a park in San Pedro.

Local leaders and residents held a news conference Monday morning to discuss park permit enforcement. They said that if these rules had been applied, the shooting would not have taken place.

“Something like this is happening in my backyard, I’m five minutes from this park, it’s shocking,” a community member said.

The incident was reported near a car show in Peck Park on N. Western Avenue just before 4 p.m. Sunday. Police said that although the shooting took place near the show where hundreds of people had gathered, it does not appear that the shooting happened at the show itself.

By Sunday, authorities had identified seven victims, two of whom died. On Monday, they determined another person was injured in the shooting – a man who went to the hospital with a gunshot wound.

Authorities later said the incident began with an argument between two people near the park’s baseball field. They said it was not considered an active shooter situation.

“Then we start seeing people running,” Sandra Alba said. “So my girlfriend and I jumped up and started running – we grabbed our chairs and started running.”

The softball game was unlicensed, Councilman Joe Buscaino’s office said.

Witnesses said hundreds of people were gathered for the car show and other activities around the park. When gunshots rang out, people immediately fled the scene in terror.

“All of a sudden we heard three gunshots – pow pow pow,” said witness Dwayne Ellis. “Then we heard about 50 or 100 more — pow pow, boom boom. All kinds of gunfire. People were running.”

Police said there was likely more than one shooter, but did not specify how many it might be. Further information or a description of these alleged shooters has not been released.

Of the six injured victims, two were in critical condition Monday morning.

Residents of San Pedro say they want something to help them feel safe.

“Not just the authorization, which is important, but for the police department to realize that we need to have better communication with the community,” said Joe Gatlin, founder and vice president of NAACP San Pedro and Wilmington.

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