Singer accuses Beyoncé of copying a song without permission: “No soul or integrity”

Singer Kelis has accused Beyoncé and her producers of not asking permission to recreate elements of her 1999 song ‘Get Along with You’ on the pop icon’s latest album Renaissance.

According to Billboard, Beyoncé Renaissance features excerpts from Kelis’ tune in the song “Energy”, written by Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo of The Neptunes.

“Only the production duo are credited as songwriters,” Billboard noted. “Kelis has appeared on the Billboard Hot 100 chart seven times, including 2003’s top five ‘Milkshake,’ and has released five Billboard 200 albums.”

In an Instagram post on the Kelis fan page announcing the The Renaissance album interpolating her work, the singer said she was never contacted or asked about it.

“The level of disrespect and utter ignorance from all 3 parties involved is staggering,” she said. “I heard about it the same way everyone else does. Nothing is ever what it seems, some people in this business have no soul or integrity and they have fooled everyone.

When an Instagram user said he “always felt like Beyoncé really looked up to Kelis,” the singer replied, “Admire is not the word.

When another fan called the move a collaboration, Kelis said, “It’s not collaboration, it’s theft.

The Neptunes produced Kelis’ debut album Kaleidoscope, which featured “Get Along With You”. In 2020, she tells The Guardian that she was “obviously lied to and tricked” into signing contracts based on “what I was told” to the point that she was unable to make any money from the album or his follow-up album, wandering country.

“I was told we were going to split the whole thing 33/33/33, which we didn’t,” Kelis said. “Their argument [from The Neptunes and their team] is, ‘Well, you signed it.’ I think to myself, ‘Yes, I signed what I was told, and I was too young and too stupid to verify it.’ »

Beyoncé hasn’t commented publicly on the case, but her fans have been vocal in their defense of the beloved singer.

“You should be nothing but happy that your song is being used. If you don’t own the rights to a song, you have absolutely NO say in how it’s used for anything. Just STFU and think ‘Cool, my song will be associated with one of the biggest albums of the year’,” said one user.

“Kelis deletes this, your frustration should be with StarTrek/Pharrell and not Beyoncé,” said another. “They are the ones who excluded you from the discussion about the use of your song and the financial/master issues. You have every right to be angry, but commercially, Beyoncé took the proper steps to get approved to sample your song. I hope you will rightfully receive your masters and credits one day. »

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