Spotify will allow some users to play or shuffle albums as they wish

Play and shuffle buttons will appear at the top of albums and playlists

When viewing albums on Spotify, the top of the interface has always had a green play button that shuffled songs by default, whether you liked it or not. That was until it didn’t and all it took was a tweet from Adele. Artists deliberately arrange the tracks of most albums in a particular order and mixing can spoil the experience they want to deliver. Opinions on this decision were divided, however, so to settle things once and for all, Spotify is now splitting its play and shuffle buttons on playlists and artist pages. But, as always, there is a catch.


In a post on its corporate blog, the streaming service says the music and how you listen to it “should be in your control”, and have separate buttons for “play” and “mix and match” functions. play” helps with this.

While it’s not a particularly groundbreaking addition, it’s still pretty awesome because now you can choose between listening to albums the way the artists intended or enjoying the feeling of novelty that shuffling brings. You’ll also have better control over playing your own playlists, as they currently only offer a combined ‘play and shuffle’ button at the top.

The only big issue here is that the new buttons will only appear for Premium subscribers, which is a bit silly for us as the functionality is pretty basic. Moreover, Spotify did not use such a user interface as a differentiator between its free and paid tiers.

If you’re a subscriber, you might still have to wait a bit since Spotify says the update will be rolling out to Android and iOS mobile devices in the coming weeks.

With the controversies surrounding the company’s podcasts and talent ebbing and flowing, it’s nice to see Spotify getting noticed for once on the one thing most people know it for: music streaming.

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