Spotify’s latest fancy feature for Premium users is a play button

It’s 2022 and it’s adding the most basic features to its iOS and Android apps: dedicated play and shuffle buttons on playlists and album pages. Until now, pressing the button on most playlists would start playback with shuffle mode enabled. To play the tracks in order, you need to tap on an individual song.

The split play and shuffle buttons will only be available to Spotify Premium subscribers. Although at first glance it might seem odd to only grant paying members access to the separate icons, it does make sense. Beyond , free users can only use Spotify on mobile (this does not apply to desktop or tablet app). In the coming weeks, Spotify will be rolling out the separate play and shuffle buttons, which really should have been built into the app from the start.

Last year, Adele lobbied the streaming platform to remove the shuffle button from albums. She argued that the albums should be listened to in order, the way the artists wanted. It looks like Spotify is ok, as with albums – although it’s bringing the shuffle button back to those pages with the latest update.

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