Why NASA wants to return to the Moon

These include the development of Gateway robotics and crew habitat modules, as well as a lunar rover, all of which could be precursors for future technologies on Mars. The next-generation spacesuits, to be developed by Axiom Space and Collins Aerospace, will include improved life support and communications systems and allow for additional mobility. Assuming the … Read more

Sturgeon Moon – the last supermoon of the year – captured in spectacular photos around the world

The Sturgeon Moon – August’s full moon – swept across the night sky on Thursday, giving viewers around the world a spectacular view of the year’s final supermoon. This Sturgeon Moon is considered the fourth consecutive supermoon after the Buck moon in July, Strawberry Moon in June and Flowering Moon in May. A supermoon refers … Read more

Trash or treasure: NASA’s Perseverance rover finds a tangled object on Mars

NASA’s Perseverance rover has captured a mysterious thread-like material on the surface of Mars. Turns out it was probably just trash thrown out by the rover itself. In a blog post published last week by the space agency, scientists said that when the rover first landed on Mars in February 2021, hardware known as entry, … Read more

NASA Provides Explanation for Stringy Materials Found on Mars’ Surface

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) says a viral image of a clump of stringy material photographed on the surface of Mars is likely a Dacron net. The material is also used in thermal blankets, according to an agency blog post. However, before the warp could be imaged by the higher resolution Mastcam-Z cameras, it was … Read more

NASA broadcasts the breathtaking sound of the Butterfly Nebula

August 11, 2022, 1:36 p.m. | Updated: August 11, 2022, 3:02 PM A cinematic explosion of color and sound from the depths of space… Space is a largely silent place. Once you leave Earth’s atmosphere, you are plunged into an immeasurably vast void, where a complete lack of molecules means that the minute reverberations that … Read more

‘Cosmic collision’: A stunning photo of the galactic merger of two galaxies is a preview of what scientists say is to come for the Milky Way

One of the most spectacular events in the universe, a galactic merger, has been observed 60 million light-years away near the constellation Virgo. New photos that show two galaxies about to collide, as they did around 60 million years ago, and scientists say it’s a glimpse of what’s to come for our own galaxy , … Read more

A massive comet crashes into the sun and immediately vaporizes

The comet could not resist the sun’s intense gravitational pull, CNET reported. THE COMET DIDN’T SURVIVE: Like most comets that dive into the Sun, this one did not exit the other side of the Sun after its closest approach to the Sun (perihelion). 🙁 https://t.co/ok5fHbfdDv —Keith Strong (@drkstrong)) August 7, 2022 Taking the image above … Read more

An asteroid comes dangerously close to Earth today: NASA on its impact

Over the past two days, several asteroids have streaked dangerously past Earth, which could have caused a major crash if one of them hit the planet. And, NASA has alerted another asteroid 2022 OC4 which will fly past the planet on Tuesday and could also come dangerously close. Although the asteroid won’t be as big … Read more

all you need to know

The Super-Earth is located 37 light years from us. Scientists have discovered a super-Earth that is four times the mass of our planet and takes just 10.8 days to complete an entire year. According to the American space agency NASA, the exoplanet, dubbed Ross 508 b, was discovered thanks to a new infrared surveillance technique. … Read more