The massive 12-story Magellan telescope that will be the most powerful ever gets $205 million in funding

A gigantic new telescope, which will be more powerful than anything currently in existence, has just received a big funding boost – $205 million – that will speed up its construction so it can help unlock cosmic secrets. The 12-story Giant Magellan Telescope (GMT) is under construction and will allow scientists to see farther into … Read more

NASA is “in the home stretch” of launching its Artemis I mission on August 29

NASA is “in the home stretch” of its Artemis I mission launch as it will deploy the world’s most powerful rocket, the Space Launch System (SLS), and Orion capsule to the launch pad in just two weeks. NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said during a Wednesday briefing: “It’s now the Artemis generation,” Nelson said. ‘ “We … Read more

The James Webb Space Telescope captures its first image of the universe’s most distant known star

An image of the universe’s most distant known star has been captured by NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope. Named Earendel, after a character from JRR Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” prequel “The Silmarillion”, it lies nearly 28 billion light-years from Earth. That’s more than 10 billion light-years further than the next most distant star astronomers … Read more

Shaun the sheep will be the first ‘astronaut’ to fly on the Artemis I mission around the moon

The identity of the first astronaut to blast off aboard the Artemis I mission to the moon has been revealed – and it’s none other than Shaun the Sheep. A figurine of Aardman’s beloved character will be placed aboard NASA’s Orion spacecraft before liftoff from Kennedy Space Center in Florida, USA later this summer. The … Read more

Humans Settled North America 17,000 Years EARLIER Than Previously Believed, Study Finds

The bones of an adult mammoth and its calf have been discovered at a 37,000-year-old butchery site in New Mexico, suggesting humans settled North America 17,000 years ago. we didn’t believe it before. A team of scientists, led by the University of Texas at Austin, extracted the collagen from the bones, allowing them to carbon … Read more

Earth records its shortest day ever with 1.59 milliseconds less than the 24-hour rotation

It was over so quickly! Earth records its shortest day ever with 1.59 milliseconds less than the 24-hour rotation By Alice Wright for the Daily Mail Published: 8:41 p.m. EDT, July 31, 2022 | Updated: 8:48 p.m. EDT, July 31, 2022 Planet Earth has recorded its shortest day since records began. The 1.59 milliseconds snipped … Read more

James Webb detects his first supernova 3 billion light-years from Earth

Bright light detected by NASA’s James Webb Telescope (JWST) three billion light-years from Earth would be the first sighting of a dying star by the $10 billion telescope. Formally known as a supernova, it’s the “last hurrah” that occurs when the star runs out of fuel. This drops the pressure, in which the cosmic object … Read more

Another out-of-control 21-ton Chinese rocket falls to Earth

Another out-of-control Chinese rocket is causing concern – a year after one of Beijing’s spacecraft dumped debris on the Indian Ocean. Experts fear that part of a 21-tonne Long March 5B rocket, which was launched into space on Sunday, could completely burn up when it re-enters Earth’s atmosphere. It would then dive to the surface … Read more

Mars’ Valles Marineris, which is 20 times wider than the Grand Canyon, seen in stunning new images

The huge canyon of Valles Marineris has been revealed in stunning new images taken by the European Space Agency’s Mars Express. At 2,485 miles long, over 124 miles wide and over 4 miles deep, the Red Planet’s canyon makes America look downright puny in comparison. Valles Marineris would cover the distance between the northern tip … Read more