The 81-year-old man who sang with the Beatles shocks with a surprise song

He played with the Beatles, but now he’s a real solo star.

Dave Williams, an 81-year-old retired medical assistant and former singer who shared the stage with the Fab Four, shocked a retirement home with an improv performance at a fundraiser.

Williams – who revealed he performed with the Beatles on several occasions as a young man – stunned residents of Park View Nursing Home in Liverpool, England, on July 23 with an impulsive rendition of “Unchained Melody” by the Righteous Brothers.

The aged care facility shared a video of Williams singing on TikTok, where it has since gone viral with over 522,000 views.

Williams, who does not reside in the house, asked to take the stage at the fundraiser, which consisted of a picnic filled with food, fun and games, following singer Toni Nesbitt’s performance.

“When I got up my daughter was begging me to sit down but I’m glad I didn’t,” Williams told South West News Service of her daughter Debbie, who is the chef at Park View. .

Her powerful performance not only wowed the social media but also the picnic attendees, namely a woman with dementia.

“After my performance, I saw her sing the song to herself, which was awesome,” he said.

Williams broke into the song during a fundraiser at a nursing home in Liverpool, England, where her daughter is the chef.
Jodie Solaiman / SWNS

“Words can’t explain how we all felt after her performance,” Park View Wellness Coordinator Jodie Solaiman said. “Dave has lived an incredible life, to say the least. He said he would love to play for us again.

Solaiman, 25, posted the video to Park View’s TikTok, which garnered much praise and love for Williams, who was unaware of the video. The octogenarian said he was surprised when he walked into his local betting shop the day after the nursing home event, and the whole shop was cheering him on.

Solaiman was also stunned to learn about his past with the Beatles.

When Williams, who said singing “was his first love”, was just 15, he started working at Sefton General Hospital and founded a band called the Dices, singing with them during his time free.

His band first appeared with then-unknown Beatles drummer Ringo Starr at the Morgue Skiffle Cellar in Broadgreen, Liverpool, in 1958.

At the age of 17, Williams went solo and scored a weekend gig vocalizing at a small club in Brighton. Around this time he sang with the Beatles at Liverpool’s Knotty Ash Village Hall in 1961.

“It was all surreal and something I will never forget,” he happily recalls. “The gig at Knotty Ash was a little awkward. I may have been a bit out of place, but I got a good shot.

The nursing home shared a viral TikTok of Williams showing off her pipes.
Jodie Solaiman / SWNS

The crooner didn’t stop there. He even sang with Mel C of the Spice Girls at Paul McCartney’s 58th birthday party in June 2000.

“On Paul’s birthday, people from all over the world came out to be there,” Williams said. “I was lucky to have those experiences.”

While a gifted singer, Williams built a nearly 50-year career working for the NHS, the UK’s public healthcare system, while operating theaters in Merseyside, England.

“I owe my life and my happiness to the National Health Service,” Williams added. “I know it’s going through a rough patch, but it’s really great service with great people giving 100 per cent.”

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