Clubhouse is always thriving with heated discussions about our favorite rappers, and recently a conversation involving several notable personalities made its way to the masses. On Clubhouse, Wack 100, Tekashi 6ix9ine, DJ Akademiks and several others engaged in a heated discussion about Lil Durk’s lyrics. The conversation seemed to float on whether Durk would really “slip” on someone in real life, and Akademiks interrupted the debate to say that was a moot point because, at the end of the day, Durk is a artist.

The blogger added that the music industry is not the street, which made a familiar voice emerge through the excessive talk. The game had been pretty quiet up until then, but Akademiks’ remarks prompted him to come forward.

The game
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Staff/Getty Images

“I’m sitting here listening, and Akademiks, you raised fucking points. N*gga that shit – you say rap ain’t street shit. N*ggas been smoked – rappers, regular n*ggas, street n*ggas… Ever since Biggie and Pac died, it’s rap and street Ckin’ computer screen and grab a ball or something to find out for real.”

Akademiks chimed in to say that what The Game was referring to “wasn’t [his] ‚ÄúSomeone else asked Akademiks if he thought he was part of the problem because of his comments and posts about certain situations that could lead to violence. He replied that what he was doing was minor compared to the rappers’ lyrics about “kill someone or them who deal drugs.”

Wack 100 wondered why people are so angry with Akademiks when there are dozens of other blogs that share the same information.

“Because that n*gga Akademiks, that motherfucker is Uncle Ben. He’s in front of the rice, n*gga that’s why,” Game said. “You are going to shadow roomit’s not faceless shadow room, you don’t know why run this… The nigga Akademiks sh*t is Akademiks. Others agreed and added that Akademiks allegedly posts and “gives nicknames to people” who take advantage of rappers who go to war with each other.

Listen to the discussion below.