Top 10 best thrash metal ballads

Thrash metal: a bunch of pimply, drunken kids wearing white high-top sneakers and t-shirts with their own band’s name on them, racketeering at 100 mph while high on speed and cheap booze, is not it ? Absolutely. And that’s why it was so brilliant.

But even the most rabid thrasher had a soft side, or if it wasn’t a soft side, then some of them wanted to be played on MTV. That’s why just about every Metallica band has released at least one epic power ballad at some point in their careers, shifting from the usual thrash to singing about women, heartbreak and death. OK, especially death.

We’ve rounded up 10 of these slower classic jams to remind you that thrash’s best could cut it down whenever they wanted. Of course, none of these tracks will ever be confused with Every rose has its thornbut they still have the power to get those Zippos off the ground.

Metal hammer line cut

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