Travis Scott performs a surprise set at Rolling Loud Miami

Travis Scott

Travis Scott
Photo: Alexander Tamargo/ (Getty Images)

Nearly nine months after a wave of crowds at his Astromonde Festival 2021 left ten dead, Travis Scott returned to the stage for his first festival set since the incident. The rapper, who has remained notably quiet on the performance and release fronts since the tragedy, surprised the crowd by joining Future on stage for a few songs during his Saturday headliner at Rolling Loud Miami.

Scott led his surprise appearance with his future collab “Hold That Heat,” followed by a medley of career-spanning hits “Antidote,” “No Bystanders,” and “Goose Bumps.” After trading bars with Future one last time for “March Madness”, Scott left the stage.

TRAVIS SCOTT Crashes FUTURE Set STEALS THE SHOW, 1st since ASTROWORLD FEST @ Rolling Loud Miami 2022

Aside from a few small club shows and impromptu sets, Scott remained largely absent from the rap scene in the months that followed. Astromonde. Scott was previously announced as the headliner of the Day N Vegas festival in September, but the event was quickly canceled amid “logistics, scheduling and production issues” reminiscent of a very Fyre-y disaster of yesteryear.

Following Kanye West’s departure from the Rolling Loud headliner just a week before the festival, Billboard reports that Scott was approached to be a headliner but was unable to oblige due to scheduling conflicts. Kid Cudi eventually took control of the slot, but cut the set early after the crowd was reportedly threw water bottles his home. Perhaps in addition to the “planning” disputes, Scott refrained from the slot for fear of similar treatment, especially given his current controversial status.

Astroworld Legal Proceedings, which saw Scott widely criticized for his perceived inaction during the crush, remains ongoing. In May, attorneys working on behalf of Astroworld victims cited nearly 4,900 injured in addition to the 10 deaths, these figures represent only the claims filed. In March, Scott was also charged with violating a gag order (intended to prevent plaintiffs from influencing judges and jurors through pretrial conduct) related to the festival. It was about his announcement of a $5 million Project HEAL initiative, during which he said, “I will always honor the victims of the Astroworld tragedy who will forever remain in my heart.”

To follow the unexpected set, Scott has two more, planned holiday dates aligned this year. The rapper is set to headline Primavera Sound festivals in November in São Paulo, Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile in November.

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