Trump once tried to build a family mausoleum called ‘garish’

  • In 2007, Trump filed plans to build a mausoleum with four obelisks on his golf course in New Jersey.
  • The city called the plans “overwhelming and garish”, so he scrapped the idea.
  • The course is used as a family burial site: Trump’s ex-wife was buried there this month.

Although former President Donald Trump’s 2007 plans to build a mausoleum with four obelisks on his golf course in New Jersey were rejected by city officials who called the plan “garish,” he said. eventually managed to use his Trump National Golf Club property as a family grave.

More than 15 years ago, Trump began planning a family cemetery on the property in Bedminster, New Jersey. The size and design of the project has changed over the years, but this month his ex-wife Ivana became the first known person to be buried on the property.

Originally, Trump’s plans for the mausoleum – where he would eventually be buried – included a 19-foot-tall classical-style stone structure to be built at the Trump National Golf Club, which includes two courses, the site reported. local news in 2012.

The mausoleum would have included “four towering obelisks surrounding its exterior and a small altar and six vaults within,” according to But, after encountering opposition from city officials who called the design “overwhelming and garish,” Trump floated the idea of ​​redesigning the structure as a “mausoleum/chapel,” The Washington Post reported.

Plans for the full-scale mausoleum were eventually scrapped, and Trump proposed several other cemetery redevelopments, including a 284-lot portion of the golf course with burial grounds available for purchase. No such cemetery has yet been built, but the presence of burial grounds on the golf course property could provide tax breaks for the business.

Ivana Trump was interred on the property earlier this month in a modest grave in a grassy area behind the first hole of one of the courses, “not too far from the main clubhouse,” the New York Post reported. She died from a fall in her Upper East Side home on July 14.

The Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster currently hosts the LIV golf tournament, which recently came under controversy for being funded by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

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