Tyga apologizes and removes ‘Ay Caramba’ music video after backlash over Latino stereotypes

Tyga pulled his “Ay Caramba” music video following criticism of the clip’s offensive Mexican-American stereotypes.

During an interview with Los Angeles radio station Power 106 (see below), the rapper explained that he worked with a Mexican sound engineer to record the song and “always made Latin records”.

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“I started seeing a lot of offended people and I was a bit confused that’s why I didn’t respond and took some time…to do my research a bit and tried to ask to many of my friends that I had grown up with who are Mexican [for their opinion]he told radio hosts.

He referred to his involvement in YG’s “Go Loko,” on which Tyga is featured, as “paying homage” to the Latin community with “no disrespect whatsoever.”

Of the new controversy, Tyga continued, “It’s hard because I grew up all my life in Mexican culture in Los Angeles, so it’s kind of hard to separate the two. But this video, I I can understand…. It was meant to be a fun video but not to make fun of… That’s what I want people to understand. This video was not to make fun of Mexican culture or Latin culture.

The deleted video – which has been on YouTube for over a week and was only taken down after the radio interview – saw Tyga in a chunky suit playing a character named “Gordo” eating tortilla chips, driving a lowrider and performing a fake accent. He also played the host of a TV dance competition show with a fake mustache and a dancer named “Spicy Rico”.

Tyga explained that he “definitely had no intention of offending anyone.” He said apologizing for the clip is “meaningful to me…if anything, I’m hurt if they’re hurt.”

Tyga explained that his character in the now-deleted video was meant to be a “junk-food-loving, childish kind of character. He loves to watch the shows he loves to watch.

“I had no intention of offending anyone,” Tyga said on the set. “If people are offended, I truly apologize.”

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