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Tyga apologizes for his music video for “Ay Caramba” after receiving backlash for promoting Mexican stereotypes.

Talk to Power 106 Los Angeles and American Cholo podcaster Gilwho criticized the video, Tyga said he didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings with the video. Gil pointed out that the visual has been accused of depicting racist caricatures, as it opens with Tyga playing a character in a fat suit eating chips and guacamole.

“I had no intention of offending anyone…I want to apologize to the Mexican community and to my Mexican fans,” he told Gil and the Los Angeles Lakers program.

The “Rack City” rapper said that despite the criticism over the latest project, not all of his Latin fans were upset, apparently suggesting he may have gotten the thumbs up from community members. “I have a lot of Latin fans who are Puerto Rican, Dominican, who probably weren’t offended by this video, but my Mexican fans in LA, there were definitely some who were offended,” he said. he declares.

Critics on social media seemed unmoved by the 32-year-old’s vindication, including one Twitter user who wrote, “Imagine Mexicans dressed as Africans doing African songs and dances lmao mannnnn,” wrote one person.

Another online user said: “Apologies not accepted”.

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While addressing the controversial character in the visual, Tyga claimed that the fat suit character was meant to be a reference to the film. mad teacher, featuring the legendary comedian Eddie Murphybefore adding that he felt perplexed by the negative response following his exit.

“I was really just confused; I wasn’t making this video to be offensive; I was really making this video to be creative. The whole concept of the video was just different Latin things; it wasn’t like a Mexican-themed video,” he added. “The character is just me in a big suit. The character isn’t even Mexican. This character was literally a reference of… crazy teacher. There’s a scene from Nutty Professor where he wears the same kind of tracksuit.

Gil replied that even without racist intent, it still seemed disrespectful. “I grew up all my life in the Mexican culture, being in LA, so it’s kind of hard for me to separate the two.”

Tyga added that he was “hurt” that it offended some of his fans. “With this video, I can understand now where you are coming from. It was meant to be a funny video, but not to make fun of.

The rapper has since removed the video from YouTube, which had already garnered millions of views.

Watch the full interview below.

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