Videos show massive bright light seen in Texas skies; fireball also seen in 2 other states

A bright light that was seen over south-central Texas on Sunday evening was also spotted in Oklahoma and Louisiana.

But many people who saw it (or who barely see videos and photos of it Monday morning), are all wondering: What the hell was that?

Videos posted to social media and KSAT Connect show a large streak of light in the sky, then fade out.

Some users said it could have been space junk falling into Earth’s atmosphere, but the American Meteor Society said it was a fireball or a large meteor.

AMS said it received more than 200 reports of the fireball from people in three states.

People in Texas saw it the most, and it appears the fireball entered Cistern’s atmosphere, AMS reported. Cistern is about an hour east of San Marcos.

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“This particular fireball was probably the size of a small car before it entered the atmosphere,” AMS said. “The reason for the brightness is the extreme speed at which these objects hit the atmosphere.”

Do you have any photos or videos of Sunday night’s light show? Post them on our KSAT Connect page, and they can be featured on air and online.

Here are some of the videos and photos of the light trail posted on KSAT Connect and social media.


I caught a meteor on my camera! 🙂


Meteor or space debris?

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